Full Eclipse

Full Eclipse

The LA police department have a special team of officers with a talent for reducing big-time crime. The team leader has an excellent track record for crime reduction in other big cities, but his methods are unconventional, and so is he - he's a werewolf.

The LA police department have a special team of officers with a talent for reducing big-time crime. The team leader has an excellent track record for crime reduction in other big cities, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Full Eclipse torrent reviews

Nana Y (au) wrote: it was good except the fight,it was completely dumb i could do a better fight, but its worth watching it

Jason B (gb) wrote: a failure of a movie' and i thought the first was bad enough

Ellen G (es) wrote: Hun ble litt for frika for meg og til tider veldig teit. Kunne ha blitt en koselig film med litt endringer.

Lin X (ru) wrote: I remember this movie because of THAT scene with Firth and Bacon in it. The casting was interesting but the story was inconsistent, disengaging, and pretentious. I love Firth and Bacon and they make a good team, but it doesn't help the movie in its lack of theme and sense in its storytelling.

Kyle R (us) wrote: I went on a cruise the past week and i saw a bunch of movies on it, well not really but i saw some. Those above. I wont explain or review them though... but i did see I Heart Huckabees like 7 times, and I think its up there on my favorite movies list cause you understand it, and feel it more and more everytime.

Jason D (gb) wrote: This film fails because of several different things. First off, the main character is poor. I'm not saying Dolph Lundgren is terrible, I'm saying it's a bad lead part. He-Man doesn't dominate the movie. He doesn't resolve the story. He's basically a supporting character. Here's the thing. The story starts in the middle, without introducing any characters, which kills the franchise marketability because the superhero premise is based on the hero characters! We just get put into the middle of a battle without any world building, He-Man gets sent to earth, and then he and his group must aid this couple in protecting his transport device. This simple story, which would be fine if it wasn't a blockbuster superhero movie, is yet littered with plot holes.The one redeeming factor of this movie is the villain. Skeletor, played by Frank Langella, is the one character that adds any depth to the narrative. Unfortunately, this is not capitalized on because the climax sequence is disappointing. Added to all of these flaws, the comic relief characters are very grating, and the effects and fights are quite poor. For me, it wasn't even terrible enough for a viewing of laughs - it would probably bore at a bad movie night. I recommend just passing on it completely.

Sarjoun S (de) wrote: pretty sad but good movie

Jason D (ca) wrote: The Landlord is the story of Tyler (played well by surprisingly comical first-timer Derek Dziak), the unfortunate proprietor of a demon-haunted apartment building. Before Tyler even has a chance to collect a decent amount of rent, the demons come out and viciously tear apart and consume the new tenants, leading Tyler to a life of depression and booze. What's worse, his cop sister must contend with demon thugs on the street which she uses to kill off other thugs and steal money from. Despite the film's lack of a budget, amateurish acting, and laughable effects, this sorta 80's homage provides LOTS of unexpected comical moments. In fact, I found myself rewinding several hilarious parts over and over again to watch and bask in their hilarity. All of the actors in this do a commendable job of making this film very fun and entertaining. I had the great opportunity of meeting writer/director Emil Hyde (who also has a hilarious cameo in the film as a seedy motel clerk), who was very nice and clearly someone who respected the horror genre. If his writing/directorial debut of The Landlord is any indication of Hyde's talents, then you MUST be on the lookout for this guy's future work because I only see great things. Please put your petty mainstream horror/remake loving bullshit aside and try to enjoy a real original low-budget horror/comedy with 100% more heart than these major hollywood shit films.

Will M (es) wrote: It's very telling that the reviews of this film are in French. Moonfleet has a great reputation abroad for its expressionistic visuals and doubled narrative structure -- simultaneously capturing the child's and the adult's points of view. The film struck me as sort of slow and foolish the first time I saw it, but I've come around. It's gorgeous, deceptively complex and very memorable. Like a Stevenson novel, it smuggles depths in under the guise of swashbuckling fun. Atypically hopeful and charming for Lang. See it a couple times.

Vadim D (ru) wrote: A difficult, but rewarding film. This movie wouldn't be as great without the strong cast and the powerful performances from each actor. Inarritu continues his streak of great filmmaking.

Jwee Chiek E (us) wrote: Kindness is not dangerous to life as Ed Harris claimed especially when one is at the receiving end. This is a beautiful film by Peter Weir on the excruciating escape of 6 prisoners + 1 from Gulag during the Stalin era. Running and walking thousands and thousands of miles across snow covered freezing Siberia, the scorching dry Gobi desert and scaling the prohibitive Himalayas to get to India. It was kindness, self sacrifice and camaraderie that saved four survivors in the end. An immensely courageous and heart wrenching journey to the end.