Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast

Through flashbacks, Full English Breakfast follows the violent career of Dave Bishop (Dave Courtney) a small-time London villain who kills his way to the top of Britain's drugs empire. Now happily 'retired' on the Kent coast Dave becomes embroiled in a bloody battle of wits with Al Qaeda terrorists who want to take over his criminal empire. Adding to the old mobster's woes is his younger trophy wife (Lucy Drive) wanting to play away with his new driver (Jamie Bannerman).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Through flashbacks, Full English Breakfast follows the violent career of Dave Bishop (Dave Courtney) a small-time London villain who kills his way to the top of Britain's drugs empire. Now ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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DrFoxmeat F (us) wrote: UNGUNG HERO = a run over garbage bag on the freeway, blowing it's contents into the path of traffic.

Risa C (ru) wrote: ok, but the ending was really dumb. after a guy getting 2 broken legs, a broken arm, and then getting shot in the face with a flair gun, he's suddenly alive. and as soon that happens the yeti's hand pops out the ice. i mean come on, hasn't the guy had enough! i only watched this movie cause carly pope was in it from popular and the guy from the best years was in it.

Jason J (nl) wrote: 4.25 out of 5 stars. Not for everyone -- very dark, good flow and great acting.

Jeu S (us) wrote: The movie was mesmerizing..making you really attached to the film ( especially if you've experienced lerman's role)..lerman's performance was so brilliant, he really captured that socially awkward guy, he really fits for the role..the twist at the ending was shocking, but didnt ruin the quality of the film..instead it gave the audience the answer why the main character was experiencing depression that he cannot explain..what a smart twist! and beautifully made..the movie was magical on its own..it also shows that high school may be one of the hardest stage of life ( one of the main reasons are bullies ), but there will always be somebody who will make your high school years the most awesome stage of life

Jwee Chiek E (mx) wrote: Kindness is not dangerous to life as Ed Harris claimed especially when one is at the receiving end. This is a beautiful film by Peter Weir on the excruciating escape of 6 prisoners + 1 from Gulag during the Stalin era. Running and walking thousands and thousands of miles across snow covered freezing Siberia, the scorching dry Gobi desert and scaling the prohibitive Himalayas to get to India. It was kindness, self sacrifice and camaraderie that saved four survivors in the end. An immensely courageous and heart wrenching journey to the end.

Greg W (nl) wrote: yet another lost review!

Joseph C (ru) wrote: As one reviewer observed, you aren't sure just what is going on here -- it begins as, what I thought was, a film about a haunted house. It had all the usual tropes -- ghosts and troubled dreams. It has a very nice set of twists at the end, and it becomes something else. There was a very pleasantly gloomy atmosphere throughout, and the tension quietly builds around the film, reaching several climaxes. One, in particular, a dinner party around the middle of the film, starts off weird and becomes more and more disturbing. Like Kubrick's The Shining, I think this film deserves to be watched several times, as there are many clues, and the general haunting nature of the film was, for me, very enjoyable. If you are sympathetic to Asian thrillers and horror, this is a nice little gem.

Linda A (nl) wrote: Litt likt Holy smoke fordi filmen handler om hippie-mennesker som flipper ut. Interessant for alle som liker psykologi og eksotiske omgivelser/kulturer.

Evan K (mx) wrote: Doesn't do anything new or inventive, but it particularly resonates with me as I'm in the exact same position.

Cassandra M (ag) wrote: Chinese gangs vs. Italian gangs in NYC in 1987. Tony (Richard Panebianco) and Tye (Sari Chang) meet and fall in love. Meanwhile Tye's brother hates all Italians and Tony's friends hate Chinese.If you've seen "West Side Story" you know how this ends--but a bit more tragically in this movie. Plotwise it's very obvious but it's beautifully done. Filmed with energy, beautifully atmospheric (the sets and lighting are incredible), and full of bursts of ultraviolence. Most of the roles are well acted, especially by James Russo, David Caruso (chewing the scenery) and Russell Wong. As the young lovers Panebianco and Chang are, unfortunately, not that good. In a way it's understandable--he was only 16 when this was made and it's the first role for both. They're both very attractive (Panebianco is pretty buff with a baby face; Chang is delicate and beautiful) but have little to do other than kiss and act like they love each other. That isn't believable either since they have zero sexual chemistry. Still, they are sympathetic characters. Also, in a nice touch, Panebianco shows more skin than Chang in their sex scene.This is really obscure and it doesn't deserve it. It had nearly no release in 1987 (there were no stars to sell it) and was never a big hit on cable or video. Also Chang never made another movie and Panebianco disappeared after making a few more films (Whatever happened to him? He showed a lot of promise.). That's too bad--this deserves a bigger audience. Worth watching on cable or renting.

Martine B (fr) wrote: Un assez special mais tres bon film. Tres bien realise. Sylvie Drapeau est meconnaissable... Le film est cote 16+ et c'est tres bien justifie!...