Full Moon

Full Moon

The setting is the city of Lucknow in northern India, where Islamic culture flourished. Two of the three best friends who live in this city have fallen in love with the same woman named ...

The setting is the city of Lucknow in northern India, where Islamic culture flourished. Two of the three best friends who live in this city have fallen in love with the same woman named ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manish M (ca) wrote: It's quietly badly reviewed but actually a very thought provoking film, particularly for you pro-hunter types. Based on a true story of 4 hunters who became the hunted in the Scottish Highlands in 2005. Not a bad watch at all.

Agustn S (au) wrote: The only possible complaint you could have with this movie is the so-so visual effects and it's sometimes forgettable dialogue, nevertheless, Chronicle is an entertaining, orignal and engaging sci-fi thriller, with some great performances and a welcome, actually decent use of it's found-footage direction.

Seth W (gb) wrote: This film WILDLY passed my expectations for this film. It's passing (while slow at times) keeps you interested and invested in the characters the entire movie: The performances were extraordinarily convincing. This movie keeps an eerie and suspenseful mood.

Anthony G (ru) wrote: Hayao Miyazaki has accomplished the tri-fecta by successfully writing, directing and animating Ponyo. He continues his magic with an absolute jaw-dropping and crowd-pleasing work of art. It has sweetness and charm that will rip your socks right off your stinky feet. I was tickled pink; grinned from ear to ear; eyes completely open; trying to wake up from this imaginary fantasy world that Ponyo puts you in. It's simple, fresh, breathtaking, and incredibly sophisticated and it's one of Miyazaki's finest without a doubt.

Cameron P (fr) wrote: I can't really consider this a sequel. Remember the first Hoodwinked? Remember how funny it was? Remember how witty? Remember the memorable characters? Say bye to that. The only reason it's ok is because of the animation being ok.

Reno V (jp) wrote: "NYMPHO IN CHAINS" - 'Black Snake Moan' is a 2006 drama film written and directed by Craig Brewer. The story is about a nymphomanic young woman who is helped by a elderly black blues artist to get her life back on track. Disloyalty and addiction are the main theme of this film. It also got a lot of criticism from feminist activists because the main character is put into chains. In my humble opinion, the movie was okay, but I do confess that I expected more. With the strong performances of Samuel L. Jackson (Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction), Christina Ricci (Sleepy Hollow, The Addams Family) and Justin Timberlake (Edison, The Social Network). When Rae's (Ricci) boyfriend Ronnie (Timberlake) leaves to do his army service, she indulges into alcohol and drugs, enforcing her nymphomania. Already betrayed her man two times on the day he left she is found by Ronnie's best friend Gil, who offers to bring her home. But inside his car, Gil wants to take advantage of her. No compelling, he beats her and dumps her on the side of the road believing she is dead. The unconscious and heavily beaten Rae is found the following morning by deeply religious farmer and blues artist Lazarus (Jackson). He takes her in and nurses her. Delirious, Rae's lust starts to kick in. When she fully wakes up, Lazarus has chained her to a radiator and announces her that he will help her to heal from her sinful ways. But is Rae up for the test?

Hobie P (ca) wrote: Crispin Clover deserves a much better role than this lame slasher flick!

Griffyn S (us) wrote: That was a really good movie. Worth watching if you're a big fan of the oldies "Thomas" series. Yeah, I know the special effects and the plotline may be cheesy to you. But to me, it's all that much more: Movie magic. 5 out of 5 to add to my movie collection.

Horny J (nl) wrote: This movie was monumentally gay and by gay I don't mean homosexual - I mean retarded.I must admit I laughed at Patrick Stewart's portrayal of an urbane gay man - but how could you not? Lastly - this movie is ridiculous and irresponsible for suggesting that a non HIV positive man is somehow in the wrong for wanting a partner that is also not HIV positive. There's nothing homophobic or unreasonable in wanting to start a relationship with someone that doesn't already have an ultimately fatal disease.Skip this and watch Patrick Stewart's scenes in this on YouTube.

Robert D (ca) wrote: An out of shape David Carradine battles scumbags as a member of C.O.P.S. When John Tucker (Carradine) refuses to kill a reporter, his boss slaps a bounty on his head. The highlight to 'Future Cop' is Tucker's power glove; now you're playing with power, bitch!

George A (nl) wrote: I loved this one when I was little. Every performance is hilarious and great. Henry Mancini does a brilliant score. It's very atmospheric. Even if the stars don't have much chemistry, they both do great.

Ryan E (br) wrote: Aparently they can't call this Bigfoot and the Hendersons due to a lawsuit but I say it's Bigfoot.

Luis C (us) wrote: i really enjoyed it. ...informative!