Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded

On a rare evening out, two feisty single moms discover that it's not so easy to hook up with a total stranger anymore.

On a rare evening out, two feisty single moms discover that it's not so easy to hook up with a total stranger (Dweezil Zappa) anymore. This "van-centric" dark comedy, set in LA--offers an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trouble B (nl) wrote: Really tense and at times horrifying, great premise

Donald M (kr) wrote: Under rated. The romantic subplot was unneeded.

Lu J (gb) wrote: football, religion, daily hardships and crime...told through a brazilian single mother and her sons.

Reno V (jp) wrote: "ELVIRA AND THE INHERITANCE" - 'Elvira, Mistress of the Dark' is a 1988 dark comedy directed by James Signorelli and starring iconic and sexy horror hostess Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) in her first feature film. I've also seen her second film 'Elvira's Haunted Hills' and I must say I prefer the first one. Not that it's a real must-see. There's a lot of cheesy acting, but I love the humor and the boob-jokes! After her TV show got cancelled, horror hostess Elvira (Peterson) wants to perform in a Las Vegas show. The only problem? She needs 50.000 dollars. To her surprise she receives a letter stating that her great-ant Morgana has passed away and that she needs to be present to the reading of the will. As Morgana's housekeeper and chauffeur both receive a nice amount of money, Elvira inherits her great-ants house, her poodle and a book. Morgana's evil brother Vincent gets nothing and is furious. As the locals meet and dislike Elvira, Vincent schemes a plan to get his hands on Morgana's book, which contains powerful spells.

Tasos L (de) wrote: Just for the feeling...

Mike S (kr) wrote: This one was creative, so kutos there. The Marylin Monroe voice impression was borderline annoying at times, but the girl that played her was a total fox so that made up for it. I have to admit, the ending, with the hotel blowing up, and the haunting images of a burning Marylin Monroe were original. Gary Busy is a badass, and I don't care what anybody else thinks. However, I didn't walk away being immediately impressed, but maybe this flick will grow on me.

Byron B (jp) wrote: won best foreign film from BAFTA and was nominated for best foreign film by NBR

Darren H (nl) wrote: While the film's roughly-drawn, shapeless animation may be stuck in the 70s, its fable is sophisticated and timeless.

Krista B (ca) wrote: Another fun '80s slasher. There's really not much to distinguish Graduation Day from the billions of similarly themed films made around the same time, but it's a solid entry for slasher fans. Of course, the plot makes very little sense and the killer can be picked out a mile away, but the kills are good and the body count is decent. Don't expect anything from this other than '80s slasher fun and you'll come out satisfied.

Hussain M (fr) wrote: it's great from the most movies of rubry that i like