Fun in the Streets

Fun in the Streets

A gang transport drugs with a little girl inside her teddy bear.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1969
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:bound and gagged,  

Kriminalfarce om en lille pige, der kommer til Danmark for at møde sin tante, men kidnappes af forbrydere, som tror, der er narkotika indsmuglet i hendes bamse. Hun får dog hjælp af et par godmodige og utraditionelle politifolk, men på et tidspunkt er fem forskellige bamser indblandet i intrigen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raul G (gb) wrote: Not perfect but a lot of fun, and Keanu acting is hilarious!!!

Brian G (gb) wrote: Almost like the Blair Witch, except extremely terrible.

jigsaw j (fr) wrote: I had forgotten the power of laughter for some days. Then I accidentally came across this movie on cable. I hadn't laughed so much over a movie. Definitely one of the most hilarious. It is easy to spew venom on terrorists. By doing so we are taking on their own mentality and giving them more power. But when you laugh at them, what defense do they have? I wish there can be more such humorous films poking fun at terrorism.

Justin A (ag) wrote: Much in the same vein as House of the Devil, The Innkeepers has a meticulously slow (almost as if it's a practical joke) build. Similar to House of the Devil, this movie has almost nothing happen the first hour. That is unless you count going to get coffee or looking at a website as important buildup.And similar to that other movie, The Innkeepers has a much better second half that almost makes up for the inexcusable first half. This was probably the best ghost movie I've seen since Asian ghost movies were big in the mid 2000s. As soon as the main character Claire hears the piano playing it almost became a completely new movie. Before any of the ghost stuff happens I was wondering if this was supposed to be a dry comedy or something close to Clerks with two employees at a hotel. Fortunately, the ghost stuff DOES actually happen.The first half isn't quite as slow as I found House of the Devil too. This time we actually have two characters interacting with each other, so there isn't a lot of lulling moments or montages to make up for the lack of action. Sure, the dialogue is pointless, but I found myself actually liking the main characters of this movie so I was able to forgive it. They had their personalities, so the first half isn't a complete drag.Once the ghost stuff happens it is really good. The ghost(s) looks amazing. The bed scene is particularly scary and is sure to give people nightmares. It's comparable to the bed scene from Ju-On or the TV scene from The Ring. The basement is also terrifying. The scariest scene of the entire movie has the two main characters sitting in the basement listening through headphones for a voice when the Pat Healy character starts trembling in fear. We get these really tight shots of the characters where they take up the full frame, and Claire says that she sees the ghost behind him. I found this to be (by far) the scariest scene of the entire movie and the amazing part is you never see the ghost in the scene. That's credit to Pat Healy as an actor and Ti West as a director. It worked perfectly.As much as I'm praising the ghost scenes it does still have its faults. Ti West tries not to fall into the same pitfalls as other ghost movies, but this one still follows the same tropes. There are jump scares, false scares, and unacceptably stupid behavior from the main character. She is told "Don't go in the basement" so she goes to the basement anyway... twice... the second time being after someone in the hotel has died and she's trying to get out...This is your basic ghost movie, albeit a bit better than most modern day ghost movies. If that's your bag, then I say absolutely check this one out. If you hate ghost movies and the typical jump scares then you'll hate this too. The movie really tests your patience with the slow, pointless build, but if you survived House of the Devil then I'm sure you can survive this one. It's not quite as good as House of the Devil though, but if you enjoyed Ti West's other movies then this one should likely be no different.

Kevin F (us) wrote: Can't wait to see it

Kim S (gb) wrote: Dull, dull, dull!!! Dont get this unless yr over 60. BORING

josophina s (br) wrote: I love movies with friendship

Jessica H (fr) wrote: a minor in made for cable crap land.

James R (de) wrote: Brilliantly depicted battle scenes!

V M (fr) wrote: Rajesh khanna is the real superstar of india, no actor can be compared with his acting till today. He is greatest of all

Private U (kr) wrote: I watched this a while ago and can't remember nearly a thing from it, but I remember thinking it was awesome. That's enough for me.

Tim R (nl) wrote: Droll, cynical, funny, shocking and a work of art. Dead Man resets the Western and freely tosses the cliches into the campfire. Jarmusch's most sustained masterwork...

Robert B (br) wrote: Before "Original Kings of Comedy" there was Delirious Eddie Murphy's one hour stand up special the second most hilarious stand-up routine I've ever seen

Randy P (kr) wrote: Not a bad movie, but it's certainly not even close to being a masterpiece, even in the comedy genre. Though having some funny lines and performances from the kids, this movie is nothing more then a movie you happen to catch on television every now and then.

Jarrad B (us) wrote: Not a bad concept or story. good for a forgettable watch

Mitchell Z (ru) wrote: The thirteenth Bond film, Octopussy, is the worst in the series so far. Moore is way passed his prime and it shows, the plot lacks interest, and it puts 007 in a clown suit. It is a silly film and a disgrace to the character.

Paul D (gb) wrote: A masterpiece. Better than is given credit and always has something that's more than meets the eye.