Funny Face

Funny Face

A shy Greenwich Village book clerk is discovered by a fashion photographer and whisked off to Paris where she becomes a reluctant model.

Jo Stockon, a book seller, always want to go to Paris to meet famous professor Emil Flostre. To do this, she become the model of a woman's fashion magazine through Dick Avery's introduction. Dick is a photography. In Paris, the city of love. the two fall into a sweet love . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Funny Face torrent reviews

Sera (fr) wrote: Insparational for women with breast cancer

Jeff S (nl) wrote: Unnecessary, but Harrison Ford is irreplaceable in the title role

Terry I (au) wrote: A rare, unusual, thoughtful film bracketed by 3 nuanced performances. Sad, poignant, compelling, uplifting, subtle: a real gem topped with a lovely soundtrack. A must see.

Jason P (fr) wrote: Much better than the American remake. I wish I'd seen this first, as the twist at the end is what sets it apart. It might have gotten four stars then.

David B (de) wrote: Unusual, thoughtful and at times surreal soul searching in LA shortly after the Rodney King beating/rioting/looting madness; great supporting cast and soundtrack

jay n (ca) wrote: Brilliantly acted but profundly sad. A sense of gloom hangs heavily over the entire film.

Daniel M (kr) wrote: A truly underrated romantic film that also has enough comedic and sad moments to keep you very, very interested throughout.

Alexander C (jp) wrote: Wouldnt mind seeing.

Matthew C (it) wrote: Very funny and wonderfully acted, this old style comedy brings a simple yet intriguing and charming presence to light and begs the question of how to change when you are perceived as one thing and in actuality are another. Powell's performance as two characters, whether separately or at the same time is wonderful. The film takes us through two character arcs and Myrna Loy is fabulous as she is slowly won over, again! Great thematic elements concerning relationships, honesty, and how it's not too late to really mean something to someone. Builds up marriage and shuts down divorce, it's timeless identity comedy and love story drama.

Trish H (es) wrote: Once again, awesome actors and acting. Gave me quite a few belly-hurt laughs, and I find that awesome.

Jona S (fr) wrote: One of the best movies ever