Funny Girl

Funny Girl

The life of comedienne Fannie Brice, from her early days in the Jewish slums of the Lower East Side, to the height of her career with the Ziegfeld Follies, including her marriage to and eventual divorce from her first husband, Nick Arnstein.

The life of comedienne Fanny Brice, from her early days in the Jewish slums of the Lower East Side, to the height of her career with the Ziegfeld Follies, including her marriage to and eventual divorce from Nick Arnstein. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel V (fr) wrote: Fun little R Rated romp with 4 great performances by Kunis, Hahn, Bell and Applegate. Who knew spoiled little Jackie from That 70s Show would turn into MILA KUNIS! This woman can do no wrong. Hahn is so damn funny in everything, she's like TJ Miller. Plays the same character every time and KILLS IT EVERY TIME! Bell is the real surprise. Who knew she could play the sheltered, meek fuddy duddy. How can you be a total bitch that is so easy to hate yet we hope that secretly you're a good person?! Watch the grown up Kelly Bundy show you how. Oh, between this and his guest turn on the League, JJ Watt definitely has a career after football. Cliched and predictable as fuzz, yet with enough laughs to make it worth it.

Maita J (it) wrote: simple yet straight to heart...this film talked to me "eye to eye and heart to heart"...sapol!

Monjit B (br) wrote: A big torture!!! Please avoid!!!

Raqi M (it) wrote: The stupidest Cinderella movie ever!!!

Matthew C (ca) wrote: Master thespian Rick(y) Schroder works behind the camera in this blah tale of ancient magic. When a young dolt watches his new bride die, he gets some magic juice from a creepy witch and heads into the underworld (designed by someone who clearly knows nothing of Greek religious thought). Kind of like a long, boring episode of Xena.

Kevin R (fr) wrote: I am the backbone of colonial America.Victor has mommy issues and is a sex addict. The problems are likely tied together. He randomly visits his mother in the hospital, who happens to be dying and suffering from dementia, and also attends sex therapy. He hopes to work with his mom to uncover who his father is before she passes away. He a;so begins falling in love with one of his mom's doctors in the process. Can he finally settle down and find happiness?"I think I liked you better when you were jerking off all of the time."Clarke Gregg, director of Trust me, delivers Choke in his directorial debut. The storyline for this film is very interesting and fairly unique. I thought the film was well paced and concludes well. The acting was also very solid and the cast includes Sam Rockwell, Anjelica Huston, Kelly Macdonald, Brad William Henke, and Clarke Gregg."It's not what you're thinking!""Isn't that your penis in her hand?"I came across this film on HBOGO and had to finally get around to seeing it. I thought this looked good when the previews first came out. The evolution of the main character and the realistic ending worked fpr me. The inmate/doctor story was a bit unrealistic, but overall, this is definitely worth a viewing."Poodle!"Grade: B-

Wiebke K (ag) wrote: Utterly depressing in its portrayal of poverty and the cycles of crime that folks get sucked into -- add to this an interesting border situation and two great actors who move from animosity to friendship.

Jessica S (ag) wrote: Extremely emotional movie, this film adaptation of the book is pretty on par. You are not sure who to love or hate and then performances are heart wrenching. This movie will stick with you long after you finish watching.

Kurt B (es) wrote: It's Disney. It's Knightley. It's make believe.

Maggie S (br) wrote: The film was made in the '80s so it's a bit too old-fashioned, in that it's a bit cliched (especially the music!), but that's understandable. As for the story, my first comment would be: yeah, education is not about 'singing a better song' but just about 'singing a different song'. But it also touches upon the in-between space that you enter when you start doing something different, when you start becoming different. I would have liked to see a further exploration of this side of the issue ... or, perhaps it does? They both entered this space, Rita becoming educated and Frank becoming, well, educated too (though in his case by the world 'outside'), but couldn't constitute a third category by getting together. They could have, but they did not. Anyway, it is a good film and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the Open University, the British class system, or any other sociological stuff :) And I sincerely hope that I haven't picked up Rita's Northern accent......!

Byron B (ca) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR, the golden globes, and the oscars

Lasse K (it) wrote: It seems that Snipes really was drugged silly when he arrived on the set, so the crew dumped the script and just shot something so that they would have 1 hour of footage that could be released DTV (with the completely different Euro-title, '9 Lives').