Fûraibô tantei: Akai tani no sangeki

Fûraibô tantei: Akai tani no sangeki


The great Sonny Chiba stars as Goro Saionji, a drifting thrill-seeker. Out to investigate a suspisious plane crash in the Red Valley, he uncovers a plot involving yakuza and a shady land developer to evict an old farmer off of his land to build a sky resort. Goro must now help the old farmer and his daughter and take those criminals on. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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david b (jp) wrote: A movie of this story being pitched to producer director and star would be a better movie. A preachy anti gun movie that is 2 hours and 15 minutes long. People will love it!

Simon S (fr) wrote: One of my favorite movies, apparently like marmite, you love it or hate it, I love it

Liam C (jp) wrote: For something that could have just been thrown together to cash in on a fanbase, it's nice to see that some real love and effort was put into this movie. Moshi Monsters: The Movie is actually a nice little surprise. The first indication of this is the cute opening credits, they actually made me smile and I thought that it was a clever little thing to do and it keeps the immersion for the children. I recognised some of them but I don't know which is from which set or how they decided to choose who they did for the movie but either way, they were a lot of fun and all have their little quirks. The next thing that's really obvious is just how brilliantly animated it is and how beautiful it looks, the movie is vibrant and looks absolutely gorgeous. It keeps the original style of the game and it's always fluid with something always moving, it is just a joy to look at. What was done with the budget is amazing. The script is also pretty funny and surprisingly witty and all the voice actors do great jobs, especially Dr. Strangeglove. The jokes that are told were funny and it was actually smart in parts, mostly with in-jokes making fun of villain's plans, but it's just sprinkled with fun little jokes that adults will laugh at and I'm not going to sit here and list them all, but you'll know. However, I will say that one joke with a drum Moshi made me laugh. I also noticed some references and visual gags and I thought they were good, especially because they don't draw attention to them, they are just there and if you see them, then cool. It's refreshing and I'd like to see more movies do that. For example, one of them was a smiling cat on a tree that went invisible and that's pretty obvious what that is referencing; it's things like that.All the songs in the movie are actually pretty good and besides the sad moments, all of the songs are upbeat and surprisingly catchy, they were all a welcome addition to the movie and I was looking forward to what was next. Some of the songs are taken from the game but they all work here and are given new visual treatment. The Dr. Strangeglove song in particular was excellent and that was one of the first songs and that just set an awesome tone from that point on. He is actually a pretty funny bad guy and well designed, he reminded me a lot of Mr. Dark from 'Rayman' and there is a reason why he is called what he is and it wasn't just done for a cheap pun. Actually, when I first heard his name it gave me a big smile and at some points it does sound like they are actually saying, 'Strangelove'. I was, however, expecting some 'Dr. Strangelove' references in there somewhere, nothing as obvious as someone riding on a bomb because that would just be out of place but maybe I missed something subtle like one of those references that I mentioned before. There was a scene with a Moshi falling into water but that seemed more like a 'Looney Tunes' reference than anything else. Overall though it's a really enjoyable movie that I have no complaints with and it zips by pretty quickly. It's nice to look at, has a good sense of humor, as well as smart writing with some lessons and is just a good fun time for the whole family.

Ming Siu G (mx) wrote: Sick, twisted, perverse, bizarre, yet compulsively fascinating. I don't know what to say.

Will V (kr) wrote: What a mess. When the best thing in the movie is Jamie Kennedy's cheesy one-liners.. you have a problem. Terrible acting.

Randall S (es) wrote: Wonderful plot develops with the viewer having the inside story. A comedy in the traditional sense, yet also in the modern sense. Margolis showed her diversity after years of ER. The entire cast was excellent. It also shows why communication is so important in a family.

Hassan I (ru) wrote: Although taken to another level by a standout performance from Greg Kinnear, "Flash of Genius" is a rather conventional film with not much going for it. It has good intentions, is well-acted and has a fabulous score, but it's not the kind of film you'll remember for long. Kinnear, unlike you've ever seen him before, perfectly inhabits the role of a quiet, yet determined man motivated to reach a goal. The supporting cast, including a superb Lauren Graham, also carry the film when it seems to be falling apart. Yet sadly enough, they just can't save this movie from being a mediocre time pass. Though the message is inspiring and at times moving, the film suffers from a lack of innovation. It ends on a predictable note with an ending you see coming immediately, the characters lack interesting qualities and the film plods at a slow pace. If you have nothing better to do on a rainy Sunday night, this may be a film that'll uplift your spirit but in a nutshell that's not saying much. Overall, what's ironic is that it only has flashes of genius.

Aki L (br) wrote: Everything can go horribly wrong yet end well.

Bel S (us) wrote: It's a shame to see how much of a plot hole this movie has now created, and how much money they spent and effort, but this film is a very, very, very bad film. It's not a good comedy, it's not a good horror, it's just overall a flop.

Liam U (gb) wrote: Pretty good for what it is, lots of hot female 70's naked bodies to admire, some humorous scenes, and then more hot female 70's naked bodies to admire. The plot is rather weak, but the hot female 70's naked bodies sort of makes up for it.

Maximilian S (ag) wrote: An almost pitch-perfect rendering of Churchill's war years. He's not spared his flaws, and Gleeson turns in a phenomenal performance, showing us the full optional range of one of the greatest leaders in history.