Furious Love

Furious Love

Furious Love, sequel to Finger of God, is the story of one man’s journey into some of the darkest spiritual climates on earth to test the limits of God’s love. Watch his discovery and witness God’s response to the demon possessed in Africa, the heroine addicts of Madrid, and witches in Salem, Massachusetts. See this love in relentless pursuit of the persecuted church in India and the oppressed victims of sex trafficking in Thailand. This journey of LOVE will leave you undone and must be experienced to be believed.

Follow filmmaker Darren Wilson as he travels to the darkest spiritual climates on the planet to test the limits of God's love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brian S (mx) wrote: If you need something to feed your bottom, keep this flick in mind. A scientist is double-crossed and injected with his own serum, which makes one insatiably hungry. He's then pumped with glowing blue glop extracted from rats, metaprotein. As a result, he turns into a rat-man with a terminal case of the munchies and a rubber face largely incapable of movement. Enter a bloated and lethargic Tom Sizemore (who is beginning to look a lot like William Bendix) as the head of a maintenance team with a dream; they're going to hock the equipment they figure is locked away in the abandoned scientific facility. But there are nefarious agents who also want in, because they want that rat-man. Explosions, heads being ripped off, and corny dialogue aplenty ensue, and, of course there's an utterly stupid "twist ending.'Verging well into so-bad-it's-entertaining territory, "Bottom Feeder" is uniquely positioned to capture the valuable "stoned people with pet rodents" demographic. There ought to be a sequel to this one, "Bottom Fatter," about a scientist turned into an overweight vole who accidentally kills people while exercising. Or not.

Sarfara A (jp) wrote: The Final Cut (partially) science-fiction film written and directed by Omar Naim. Starring Robin Williams, James Caviezel. The Final cut received Best Screenplay at Deauville Film Festival - and Best Film nominations at Berlin International Film Festival, and Catalonian International Film Festival. It was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Berlin. Robin Williams plays a cutter at the EYE Tech, who edits or removes the memory implants of the people who wish to have chip implanted inside of them to record what they see, hear or talk - he owns machine at home with which he performs his work. He is lonely, subtle, calm and haunted by the childhood memory of his little friend who accidently fell from height (he cannot decide if he alive or dead when he left with his parents the same day). One day a widow asks him to cut and edit rememories of her husband (who was engaged in molesting his daughter) - while editing he notices strange signs which collide with his own memories. The Final Cut, is pure moderate science-fiction film. I always love science fiction movies, which are not too complex to follow everywhere you see the film, it shows the sign of technologically advanced era - I always welcome movies like The Final Cut, District 9, Monsters etc. Anyone who has seen Robin Williams off the screen, could verily recognize his acting skills to be dramatically this surprising to maintain seriousness and what actually the role requires of him. The Final Cut is one of the good thriller movies around, to spend your time.

Carl N (ag) wrote: Matt Cordell returns once again to dish out his own form of justice. This time he's after a female cop named Kate that was gunned down and framed for killing a civilian. He turns up at the hospital to protect her but also he wants to take her as his bride. Though the plot is a little impractical (compared to the previous efforts) It's still action/horror at its best. Some great set pieces, over the top gun play and some truly remarkable fire stunts that in this day and age would be done with crappy GGI. and as with the other films there is a black humour running throughout. The cast of this film is top notch. Robert Davi reprises his role of Det. Sean McKinney and there are solid turns from Paul Gleason, Robert Forster, Jackie Earle Haley and Ted Raimi.

Thullin K (mx) wrote: Always thought the one was over-rated and boring...... people now days just seem to like it because they think it's the trending thing to do!...... It is the most widely accepted mainstream movie of inmoral glorification and negative promotion ever!

Rachael B (kr) wrote: This film is boring, dry, pointless and needs alot of work doing on it. I will not be buying it.

Paul H (nl) wrote: great film from childhood, still holds up well, funny, sad and just lovely

Adam D (ca) wrote: A good movie based on the play of the same name

Russell G (ca) wrote: This was a lot of fun, and more in the territory of their more classic "Thin Man" films. A pretty standard amesia story. The bar gets raised do to Powell and Loy being so enjoyable.

Michael S (de) wrote: Putrid, slapstick-heavy sex comedy from the 1980s that's plotless, charmless, and laugh free. Notable only for the fact that it stars Johnny Depp and Rob Morrow as two guys trying to get laid.