When a prisoner barely survives a lynch mob attack and is presumed dead, he vindictively decides to frame the mob for his murder.

When a wrongly accused prisoner barely survives a lynch mob attack and is presumed dead, he vindictively decides to frame the mob for his murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael T (de) wrote: It's all about Plummer's performance in this entertaining but slight recreation of the final performance of John Barrymore.

Grady H (au) wrote: I laughed some. It's garbage but I laughed.

Karol N (nl) wrote: The symbolism in this is powerful. I would totally go and write a paper about this film if I had to :)

Harry W (fr) wrote: I didn't have high expectations for Meet Dave, but as an Eddie Murphy film I decided to give it a chance.Like many of Eddie Murphy's other big budget family films from the 2000's, Meet Dave is an example of a film that contributed to the temporary death of his career until his 2011 comeback. Ironically though, it was made the same year of Eddie Murphy's latest film to date titled A Thousand Words, also directed by Brian Robbins and released in 2012 only to ruin Eddie Murphy's reputation once again. It's safe to say that Eddie Murphy should stop working with Brian Robbins because critics agree that they do not make a good duo.Meet Dave is another example of a high budget film which does not have enough virtues to justify spending all the money. I mean, the last time that Eddie Murphy played an extraterrestrial themed character in The Adventures of Pluto Nash, his film turned out to be one of the biggest box office bombs of all time and one of the most critically derided comedies of the 2000's. So why in his post Academy-Award nominated comeback he returned to the idea for a large budget family comedy. It's clear that Eddie Murphy has reached his limit with family comedy films because Meet Dave is really the end of the line. I mean while his natural comedic persona may have some cheap laughs along the way, it is still poor form on behalf of him. Meet Dave is an example of Eddie Murphy's gags wearing thin and ridiculous plotting attempting but failing to overshadow it. It does not have a script funny enough to justify spending $58 million on the film, nor does it have a director who really knos what he is doing. I mean, he gives good visual effects, set design and scenery to the film which is captured with nice cinematography, but when it comes to a comedy film these aspects are not as important as the actual humour, of which Meet Dave does not carry.Meet Dave is a poorly scripted film and is directed as such, and despite the fact that it has a talented cast they all play second fiddly to Eddie Murphy who has now worn thin of what made him funny and just goes on a routine performance for a laugh free and over-commercialised film.Eddie Murphy's lead performance in Meet Dave is not the worst of his career, but during the phase in the 2000's when he was entirely dedicated to family comedies it is clearly one of his lowest points. He has almost zero comic charisma, and while he is a little funny at the start, it shrinks by the second until the film begins to take itself way too seriously to h2ave any humour whatsoever. Eddie Murphy goes into a routine of repetitive and cheap line delivery fused with cheap physical gags which go in the same basic circle again and again from start to finish of Meet Dave. He does not make the characters he plays to be the slightest bit funny or compelling, so the entire point of everything is seriously ambiguous to me. Meet Dave put all of its promotion behind the fact that Eddie Murphy plays a robot and a man inside him, and this idea could have been a little funny if the right actor was cast in the role. While it seems like an appropriate part for him, he does not justify that presumption with his performance because he is so lacking in comic charisma or any other appealing qualities. Eddie Murphy reaches a new low with Meet Dave and wastes the time and money of the viewers as well as $58 million in financing. The problem is that he is too aware that the film is a comedy and fails to give it much surprises, instead of trying to create laughs in every scene without a second thought to the fact that he is not doing it right. Meet Dave is just an overbudget and unfunny star vehicle for Eddie Murphy which may appeal to some young viewers due to the juvenile humour but will not get the more thoughtful audiences entertained.The rest of the cast does ok though.Elizabeth Banks is stuck with pretty lacklustre material for a woman as funny as she is, but she manages to deliver her lines with some organic charm. She creates a sweet presence for the film and a charming chemistry with the other actors which manages to make the experience less dull and reveal her easy charisma as an actress. So Elizabeth Banks is clearly one of the better assets at Meet Dave's arsenal.Ed Helms' over the top persona has some funny moments to it. While surrounded by a lot of weak material, Ed Helms plays out his over the top persona fairly well. His antagonistic neuroticism has some decent humourous moments. It is good to see him transitioning to mainstream cinema well after a successful career playing Andy Bernard on the US version of The Office. He plays out his part well and shows just how good he is at working with other actors by creating firm comedic chemistry, and so he is essentially the best cast member in the film to receive a large role.And lastly, Kevin Hart's small role in Meet Dave from before he would go on to become internationally famous is actually pretty funny simply because he projects the over the top comedic persona that made Eddie Murphy funny in his golden age. It is as if Meet Dave is the end for Eddie Murphy and the start for Kevin Hart, so the one good thing the film does his showcase his comedic skills in a few brief but funny moments.But despite a few funny moments, Meet Dave is nothing but an excessively commercialised family comedy which is big on budget but short on comedy and lacking in enough positive virtues to make it even one of Eddie Murphy's better bad films.

John B (au) wrote: 30 min. of sweating, nervous scientists... 10 minutes of nicely done CG/real images of Mars. I love this stuff, but because it's an IMAX flic, it's more like 'Mission to Mars-Lite'.

Russ B (ru) wrote: 3/11/2017: A decent family film. Some funny moments, but not many good ones for adults.

Peyton C (br) wrote: Taking the college film and putting a new twist on it works very well. Luke Wilson and Will Ferrell are awesome, however Vince Vaughn is only ok. He was miscast. The comedy aspect is really funny almost all the time.

Khaled M (br) wrote: Another great Almodovar film which smartly blends comedy and drama as smoothly as filmmaking can allow.

Pablo G (es) wrote: I wouldnt not say that this is Von Triers best here, but it is one of those movies that you would rarely see, and its excelent story, directing, sound, and artistic aprach, are only crippled by the movies slighly unnecesary length and its lack of other creative proposals that might have just impulsed this movie into utter greatness.

Morlai S (us) wrote: dis movie is 1 of da best comdey ever vivica fox looks so good in this movie

Abel B (ru) wrote: antigo, mas (C) muito fixe.. com suspense...e uma historia fixe..=D

BellaRay (fr) wrote: They look like the little rascals.. with a seal. Pass.

Eva J (us) wrote: Wonderful movie about "Germany's first boy band". One of the most entertaining films about the WWII era. Love the songs and all the actors in it.

Shane H (kr) wrote: Fairly well done 90's comedy/horror. The CGI looked like it came straight from, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but that's fine. Pagers were still relevant back then so I can't blame them. But mainly the movie just made me sad because I believe MJ Fox would have gone far in his acting career, had he not contracted the worst case of Parkinson's I've ever seen. I hope he finds the cure!

Dan H (nl) wrote: Classic, funny. Worth a watch.

Samuel D (br) wrote: Very, very fun. Expertly cast in every way and wonderfully played out (except for the distasteful rape-attempt scene). Pick it up if you're looking for two hours of quality amusement.

Francisco F (fr) wrote: Comedie extremement brillante.

Alex r (br) wrote: Dolph Lundgren is one of those action stars that is fairly hit and miss and at times, he can displayed something quite good, entertaining and fun even if the film is quite tongue in cheek and that is the case with Dark Angel. This is a hybrid all sorts of genres and it strangely works quite well to be a highly entertaining cult film that is very engaging from start to finish. The result is a worthwhile film that is really one of Lundgren's best. Granted the guy really is sketchy when it comes to "acting", yet he delivers here, and with the plot, which I think is awesome, it's hard to resist. I never go into real detail in any of my reviews, because I believe that the less you know the more suspensewfu7l the experience will be. What the film offers is something truly entertaining from start to finish, and if you enjoy low budget cult action at its very best, then this is sure to wet your appetite for action thrills. Dark Angel is far from great cinema, but for what it is, it's an entertaining ride, one that is so much and thrilling that you forget the films weaknesses exists. This is pure popcorn thrash at its very best, and I say that as a compliment. The film is cheesy, thrilling and riveting, and will certainly entertain anyone that enjoys finding a new, undiscovered action film that is well worth seeing due to its original concept. This is a film that is an impressive cult movie and it certainly is a one that is a must watch for diehard fans looking for new and exciting pictures to watch.

Witiy S (gb) wrote: I loved the movie, from the plot to the weird dark comedy. The "based on a true story" disclaimer just makes it all the more interesting, I cannot see why this has such bad ratings.

Denise S (au) wrote: God !!!to have that body!!!!!if only!