Future Zone

Future Zone

Sequel to 'Future Force' has John Tucker's son traveling back in time 30 years to save his father from being killed by thugs he is currently pursuing back in 1990.

Sequel to 'Future Force' has John Tucker's son traveling back in time 30 years to save his father from being killed by thugs he is currently pursuing back in 1990. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher S (nl) wrote: It doesn't get any worse than this. I went it expecting something along the lines of Tyler Perry's 'Why Did I Get Married" and what I got was quite possibly the worst movie of 2011. The acting was atrocious for the most part with just Persia White and Darrin Henson not totally embarrassing themselves in that category. The script was beyond awful, and the ending was just another reason why this shouldn't have been made. I don't want to go into too much detail about this film because just thinking about it makes me upset. Stay far away from this trash.

Dan R (ag) wrote: I was willing to take the odd journey for the first half, but the last half didn't make much sense.

Juliano K (mx) wrote: sept/04 - Great plot, performances and twists. Very slow paced what makes you wanna jump to the final twist in the end!

Neil O (es) wrote: Gay rom-com. Pretty unoffensive stuff with easy on the eyes leads. At the end though I'm left thinking it's all a bit mweh! Still, if you keep your expecations low, it may satisfy.

Arthur L (ag) wrote: Just as good as the English original, Cellular, and arguably better in the action.

Brenda R (kr) wrote: Excellent!! There is a political message here that should not be missed. This is a very important movie!

Jarmo K (us) wrote: Hyvaa musiikkia, mutta elokuvan viihdyttavyys on valitettavasti taysin Remun supliikin varassa.

Charles P (ag) wrote: The laziest shortcuts that can pass as "family entertainment" have been rounded up into a cynical heap that makes the color blue and the word "smurf" nauseating.

Nick Y (gb) wrote: :). Wasn't really like a movie though. You do notice better colours and CGI. Was more of a bunch of episodes that was continuous. Was overall good... 'cause, duh, it's Initial D!

Noname (mx) wrote: Hunting in the forest with cannibals and pretty good for this type of movies. Slash here and there.

Retlaw L (au) wrote: no entiendo como una pelicula puede ser tan fea y tan bacan al mismo tiempo...

Amy F (it) wrote: Predictible, but cute.

Eduardo A (au) wrote: Not the best from the great Sogo Ishii, the plot and the suspense is very good but i feel that the rythm of the film is too slow and for moments, you lost the atention, even in some points i don't care about what happening with the characters. If you are interested in Sogo Ishii, i recomend Electric Dragon 80 000 V, is a very better option to enjoy.

Vadim D (fr) wrote: It's definitely dated, but is still a well told story.

Augustine H (nl) wrote: No wonder I feel it so Rebecca, Suspicion and Spellbound-alike. The Freudian analysis is not much impressive and the mental motivation is not at all interesting.

Pekatito M (us) wrote: Cisto znanstvo je kljucan u filmu od strane pripovedaca koji je perfektno odglumeo, film poseduje momente koji su veoma suptilni. Forman je napravio prefinjen film koji mi je jedan od boljih osamdesetih, podebljava moju naklonost ka tom razdoblju.

David D (ag) wrote: These all deserved being universally panned

Kieran L (jp) wrote: Extremely confronting encounter between two tortured souls