Three friends, Robban, Alexander and Kim has just left the compulsory school, and now they consider themselves grown-up and mature, being 16 years old. During the summer holiday they also get a bit of experience of the world: Robban becomes a full-time drug addict, Alexander plays in a rock band but leaves it and Kim is desperate to get the girl of his dreams.

Three friends, Robban, Alexander and Kim has just left the compulsory school, and now they consider themselves grown-up and mature, being 16 years old. During the summer holiday they also ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey C (de) wrote: A very telling story that broke at the same time when this movie was released: A director for Komen, the evil money-grubbing profiteer profiled in this smug self-righteous documentary, cut off funding to Planned Parenthood. The people at PP and their allies squealed like stuck pigs when that flow of dirty, capitalist money was cut off. It was restored shortly afterward because of the backlash. The money raised DOES fund a lot of research, if "Pink Ribbons, Inc" would prefer not to have it maybe they can donate all $25K this film grossed to a more acceptable fund.

aaron s (au) wrote: The spirit himself was great, everything else sucked.

Michael T (us) wrote: Here is a gripping + controversial subject-matter about "extraordinary rendition" and the response to the war on terror, handled with a remarkable genericness from Hollywood...

Todd S (ca) wrote: Thanks to this film, the term, "Hall Pass", became part of the modern urban vernacular, and while the term was a big success, the movie was not. For some reason, Hollywood film makers continue to think that Owen Wilson is funny, and maybe he is, but personally, I don't see it. I usually just wind up feeling sorry for whatever loser character he's portraying. In this film, Wilson and Jason Sudeikis play two guys who have been married awhile, and are starting to get bored. After seeing mutual friends of theirs divorce, the couples worry that they're headed down the same path. Thanks to some friendly advice from Joy Behar, the wives decide that the men should get a week off from marriage to do what they want, and the rest of the film, follows their antics in trying to pick up women after being out of the game for such a long time. The premise of the film isn't terrible and usually, Jason Sudeikis is pretty funny, but Hall Pass falls flat on it's face. This is supposed to be a comedy, so why does it take nearly an hour for the story to get to the point? By the time the guys are shopping for dates, I was bored and pretty much done with this film. In the second hour, the film does get a little better, but not nearly enough. Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis are just two very different types of comedic actors and their styles didn't mesh well at all. If anything their antics together were more stupid than funny, and if there's one thing I can't stand when it comes to comedy, it's stupidity that leads nowhere. It was a good idea, but the writing wasn't very good, the actors didn't mesh, and the situations just weren't that extreme or funny. Hall Pass is just another forgettable film that fails to live up to expectations.

Susan G (jp) wrote: Great movie! It embodies some of my favorite things, good food, good ambiance, and mobsters.

Aaron H (de) wrote: My kids had me turn it off it was so boring.

Fred G (it) wrote: Great, quirky comedy with good all-around performances. This is movie you just have to see if you enjoy films with biting satire and sardonic wit. Not for everyone, you'll either love it or hate it.

Alex K (ag) wrote: My Favorite Romance Film Is 1939's Gone With The Wind.

Paul K (kr) wrote: Totally fluffy piece of Hollywood nonsense, ideal for an evening's vegging out in front of the telly. Includes a few laughs, no credible emotions, and a predictable if slightly weird plot. Good cast in a poor movie.

Israel N (us) wrote: Un oficial-qumico de las SS descubre el exterminio de judos en los campos de concentracin y busca hacer algo al respecto. Es buena pero habra sido mejor que fuese hablada en alemn y no en ingls.

Greg R (fr) wrote: With it's innovation, heart, realism, upon other great things, this is one of my favorite films in the past few years.

Michael W (ca) wrote: The mysterious box and Pillar of Souls now passes to a nightclub owner with a reporter snooping around for her big break story. Okay but series already becoming somewhat redundant and stale. A good hard rock soundtrack though, with Motorhead hilighting closing credits.

Serge L (br) wrote: This is a strange futuristic world. Some sort of anti-star-trek. Campy and comedic. Women are equals, get to command, be open, and have access to guys showers. No, wait, the showers are unisex. Still a lot of this stuff feels like the roman empire army transposed in the future. Great effects. Superficial. A bit like having the point of vue of the english/roman invaders i suppose. And they will not change after they win. Like a bitter-sweet dish, fun and despicable.

Eric F (br) wrote: Suspenseful, engaging, driven. It seems any time someone breaks the mold in formula it's self dignifying to the point that they are shoveling down my throat. Not the case with this one. I loved the use of 4 separate narratives used to tell the main story, and the fourth wall breaks were a good way to keep the audience involved in what is normally a tough subject to broach is with.