College friends embark on a GPS treasure hunt in search of money. Instead of finding buried treasure, they find a buried coffin that contains photos of a kidnapped woman and GPS coordinates that lead deeper into the forest. Are the photos real or part of a game?

College friends embark on a GPS treasure hunt in search of money. Instead of finding buried treasure, they find a buried coffin that contains photos of a kidnapped woman and GPS coordinates... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve G (ca) wrote: "Killing Them Softly" confuses the audience as to who the main characters are. "Killing Them Softly" is a good drama movie of 2012. Set in 2008 the movie's plot is two men named "Frankie" portrayed by "Scoot McNairy" and "Russell" portrayed by "Ben Mendelsohn" break into a house to steal from mobsters playing poker, eventually an assassin named "Jack" portrayed by "Brad Pitt" is hired to hunts these men down and kill them. The film opens with "Frankie" walking through a tunnel with "Barack Obama's" voice being heard. The scene is shot well but keeps cutting back to the opening credits. For the most part the movie it show "Frankie" and "Russell" living their lives, doing drugs and smoking. These scenes are sometimes boring and stupid. The other scenes are splendid; they show "Jack" coming after "Frankie" and "Russell". The final scene of the film is incredible, "Brad Pitt" delivers the movie's last line exceptionally. As stated before the first 15 to 20 minutes of the film look like "Frankie" and "Russell" are the main characters of the film. "Brad Pitt" gives the audience a terrific performance and his scenes are definitely the best part of the movie. Music is used very minimal, which actually makes the movie scenes better, during dramatic scenes no music makes them better to watch. During the film there is a scene where "Jack" murders a man in a car, the scene is both violent and if looked at closely looks extremely bad C.G.I. and idiotic. If you are a person who enjoys "Brad Pitt" movies then I recommend you watch "Killing Them Softly" as it has superb acting, perfect drama and great scenes. Although the movie has some issues, these being confusing the audience, stupid scenes and poorly done "Computer Generated Images". I give 2012's "Killing Them Softly" a 7/10.

Svar B (au) wrote: Doggy style is my favorit

Huw G (mx) wrote: His art's so pretty it would be easy to dismiss as superficial, but here it's obvious he's completely genuine, and his work's simplicity hides immense effort and determination.

Mark B (au) wrote: I hope this is not the best movie I will ever make but I was lucky to have been able to direct it. Under difficult and unusal circumstanses me and a few Scots cobbled this together while working with a group of Americans. There is a story here but I can't go into it in detail. Check my blog if you are interested. Thanks for watching, please give my film the benefit of the doubt!

Daniel D (mx) wrote: Fun film. About on par with the first one for me.

eric l (ag) wrote: a very good with two great starr

Charlie G (us) wrote: Thought this was a very good movie. Lot's of edge of your seat Adventure. Definitely one of my favorites.

Haley3 R (ag) wrote: this movie made me laugh sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!

Charles B (ru) wrote: Very good, although Henry II gets on one's nerves with his emotive struggles.

Peter N (ru) wrote: I'd forgotten what a good film this was. OK the humour and dialogue is terribly dated ... and the portrayal of the lower ranks is unbelievably patronising. But the flash back technique works brilliantly and the film is given extra charm by the fact it was made while the war was still raging. The scenes where John Mills tells Bernard Miles that his wife is dead and where Coward says goodbye to his crew are especially moving. Also watch out for a very young Dickie Attenborough.

Carl C (de) wrote: This movie was awful. The critics were totally right on rotten tomatoes. The acting was deplorable and the movie was extremely biased. Of course they made all the atheists look like jack asses and all of the professors counter arguments were the weakest ones you could have ever picked. Also the students arguments could be easily ripped apart which was most frustrating. Don't waste your time with this movie. If you're interested in learning something valuable go read a science book or something by Dawkins or Hitchens.

JoJo E (us) wrote: a decent coming of age movie

Justin S (au) wrote: 3D effects suck for today's standard, other effects good. Don't follow the story, MCP is from South Park. Decent ending music

Spookie M (kr) wrote: Pure grindhouse mayhem! One of the first Troma movies this is alternately hilarious and disturbing. There is even a training montage for the depraved psychos in the movie.

Melanie N (ag) wrote: I thought this was great! It truly creeped me out, and that's all I was asking of it.