In 1925, Gabriela becomes cook, mistress, and then wife of Nacib, a bar owner in a small Brazilian coastal town runs by the local colonels. Nacib becomes tired of Gabriela's uneducated ways, and annuls the marriage when he finds her in bed with his friend Tonico. The political ways of the town modernize slightly and Gabriela returns as Nacib's mistress.

In 1925, Gabriela becomes cook, mistress, and then wife of Nacib, a bar owner in a small Brazilian coastal town runs by the local colonels. Nacib becomes tired of Gabriela's uneducated ways... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rochelle H (ag) wrote: A really powerful drama that shows how our capitalist society treats the most vulnerable, and leaves them to struggle to get their basic rights. Really heartbreaking

Moriah F (ca) wrote: It wasn't "scary" per se, but very creepy and unnerving, a couple of good jump scares and a lot of things I didn't expect.

David T (gb) wrote: Soulboy is a love story set to the back drop of the Northern Soul scene and the famous Wigan Casino Club in Northern England.As you'd expect the Soundtrack to this movie is amazing, full of old stompers from the dance floor including classics like Dobie Gray's - In Crowd.As a fan of Northern Soul and as someone not even born never mind not being old enough to remember the first waive of Northern Soul then this for me was a must watch. I wasn't at all disappointed - Yeah, the music, the dancing (which is amazing by the way) is the major draw here but the movie as a stand alone entity is very enjoyable...The fact that it's got a bucket load of references to the soul scene only enhances the experience.I think fans new and old to the Northern Soul scene will enjoy this, and I'm sure the old guard will appreciate the lengths gone to, too recreate the famous dance floor at Wigan Casino and also the little nods to the past. I love the fact they use some original footage (See you Youtube for more clips) to add to the atmosphere of the film.This movie is not something new, it's been done before...It's like a Northern Soul Quadrophenia...but that's all irrelevant as it's still a good movie.Keep The Faith

Kjetil H (mx) wrote: Mmmm , vakkert, vakkert , en film om menn for menn, men damer br se den og!!! Nydelig, og musikken, My God

Rhady N (it) wrote: I would have loved this one if they hadn't shown it in slow motion.Seriously, this one is unnecessarily lethargic. That said, it's also a beautiful film. You decide.

Hvard V (br) wrote: Snerten Hong Kong actionfilm. Jeg liker virkelig kamerabruken i denne filmen. Den er over alt og kamera flyter over scene. Men historien er som vanlig rimelig HK sr. Dama i filmen er totalt idiot. Troverdighet er lik null p hvorfor folk gjr som de gjr. Det er lagt mer fokus p ting er kult (jeg nekter tro at damer i HK dater hitmenn og synes det er kult bare fordi man er lei jobben sin). Pluss historien skifter fortellervinkel hele tiden (hva faen er vitsen med politmannen som skriver bok). Noen scener virker ogs overfldige og merkelige. Men filmen er kul, du m bare skru knappen i hodet over p HK action s gr det bra.

Daniel C (kr) wrote: Quite possibly deserving 5 stars, this is certainly my favorite from the extraordinarily talented Coen brothers. The seamless parallel of humor, commentary, and dark thrills is unequaled.

Richard D (nl) wrote: Yeah, okay I'd be lying if I said this was good. It's fun though. The leads aren't so hot. Marc Singer appears to be in pay cheque mode, and Kari Wuhrer is Kari Wuhrer. Wings Hauser is Wings Hauser though ... and he really goes for broke here. Sarah Douglas is a good sidekick for him. The story is by Jim Wynorski, so you know what to expect. I imagine he didn't direct it because it doesn't call for any nudity. Robert Z'Dar and Michael Berryman have small roles. That's always a good thing.

Erik H (ca) wrote: really neat and fun flick. d. cronenberg played a good villain. i saw the definitive director's cut, but it felt a little long to me. a lot of fun though, and i'm glad i checked it out. surprised it's not talked about more.

Terence B (ag) wrote: I have to admit that I like this movie. The acting is terrible, the story light, but the music was cool and it is funny seeing Madonna as a missionary.

Connie K (ag) wrote: JoBeth Williams at her finest. Her dull and non-supportive husband makes Tom Conti's character sizzle by comparison. It's been one of my favorites but not many people have seen it. Demetri's mother was hilarious. Brilliant surprise twist toward the end.

Daryl G (br) wrote: Mel Gibson's family is killed buy a biker gang. He goes after them. Pretty good!

Rafael U (ru) wrote: Allen's knowledge of classical cinema is in this movie. Allen is a good director and a great srceenwriter.

Tim S (gb) wrote: More Dead Than Alive is a 1969 western starring Clint Walker, Vincent Price, and Anne Francis. It was a film that was released not long after the out-of-date Motion Picture Production Code (or Hays code) was discarded. As such, it featured more on-screen violence and a somewhat darker tone than was common for an average western film at that time. It was directed by Robert Sparr, who was mostly known for his TV work, directing many episodes of Lawman, Cheyenne, and The Wild Wild West. Thankfully, this movie didn't have the appearance of something made by a customarily TV director. It featured a lot quick panning, multiple angles, fast-editing, and unusual framing techniques. It's a film that, many years later, actually looks more sophisticated than it really is. That all being said, it's also a movie that fails to live up to its own style and execution. The story, while unorthodox and featuring an ending that had the potential to be very effective, never has any true momentum behind it. But the biggest problem with the movie is its ending, which attempts to be a down ending yet sails into the credits with a rousing and swelling number about Cain's character and his struggle. It's a tune that has no business in the final moments of this film. It goes beyond softening the blow to the point where the hit just doesn't connect at all, making all of the previous effort almost pointless. So it isn't a western that breathes a lot of air into the genre of yesteryear, nor is it a brutal assault on the genre in the early days of the New Hollywood era. It's more of a character study that tries to push the envelope a bit but tends to render itself moot rather than making any sort of a concrete point.

Scott W (ru) wrote: Amazing documentary and the dramatic recreation featured is gripping and surprisingly well-acted.