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Gadgetgang in Outerspace


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Gabriel C (mx) wrote: Yes, the cast is likable enough, but throughout the movie, I got the feeling that there was something wrong with James Franco's character. Most movies about the beleaguered father locking horns with his daughter's fianc usually root for the boyfriend and make the father look like a sadistic bastard. I was actually siding with Bryan Cranston. It doesn't help that the jokes are stale and unfunny.

Nicole S (nl) wrote: I didn't expect much when I noticed one of the actors from Neighbors was in it but I was pleasantly surprised. Was expecting a bomb but I really got into it. I want more!

Kyle C (jp) wrote: The feature film debut of one of Nick's best cartoons is a fun thrill ride with a somewhat nasty chicken at the climax who is cared for by the evil aliens led by Stewart and Short. Despite that flaw, the film is 100% pure fun and makes a great introduction to one of my fave Nick cartoons of the early 2000's

Claire T (it) wrote: ok film, this film hasn't got a big star list and the only two actors in it I knew were Victor Garber and Holland Taylor, I don't think I'll want the film on DVD, it was ok but expected it to be better

Kent L (de) wrote: HOLY CRAP... this is an actual movie? wow... how do i rate this? i mean... i want to see it because it looks horrible... ok... rated... want to see it.

Flying T (nl) wrote: This film uses the same premise as Fritz Leiber's novella "Our Lady of Darkness" and as such is a little bit obscure for mainstream audiences, even horror audiences. However, the concept, that book characters can come back to life - to the extent of resurrecting a psychotic black magician serial killer - is well worth the time to watch.Jenny Wright is at her fetching best in the main role, and her relationship with her cop boyfriend is well sketched. The horror and gore is spectacularly nasty whilst also being understated.

Greg W (ag) wrote: good comedy written by master neil simon

Levi D (us) wrote: Pretty generic teen romance. I mean, not that I would know, but it just seems like I've seen it somewhere else. Over-reliance on love songs got annoying, but Heath was what kept me watching.

Logan M (es) wrote: As Kevin Smith's most original film, it's funny and smart, and manages to keep its comedic tone even in its most serious moments.

Kenny K (jp) wrote: Admittedly the franchise this movie tries to revive isn?t much by the way of showcasing anything one might deem worthy of bothering to view, let alone reboot, but its saving grace was always Warwick Davis as the leprechaun. Playing this homicidal, psychopathic creature who delivered amusing phrases on occasion, was enough to make at least a few of the films palatable, and even the need for someone to take his place for a newer version wasn?t the worst thing about this movie. No, the worst thing about this movie was, nearly fifty minutes into it and you never actually see the leprechaun. He?s hiding in the shadows, moving through the bushes, creeping through the walls, grabbing at the hapless teenagers who somehow managed to piss him off without doing anything at all other than being there. Every other film before you were treated to seeing The leprechaun in all his horrible, twisted, and goofy glory...and if you couldn?t stand the bad acting that followed from the other people in the films, you at least got to shut off the tv having been somewhat satisfied that at least you got to see the leprechaun.Not in this, if you have the patience for waiting an hour to actually see anything fun happen on screen, this movie is fine, otherwise, you?ll be shutting it off 20 minutes in, I guarantee it.

Collin R (mx) wrote: its classic Shamalayn charm and great acting that carry the movie. However it does have some dull points that hold it back

Carrie B (it) wrote: Seriously hysterical!!