Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest

The stars of a 1970s sci-fi show - now scraping a living through re-runs and sci-fi conventions - are beamed aboard an alien spacecraft. Believing the cast's heroic on-screen dramas are historical documents of real-life adventures, the band of aliens turn to the ailing celebrities for help in their quest to overcome the oppressive regime in their solar system.

Galaxy Quest is about the cast of a once-popular television space-adventure series called Galaxy Quest. The fictional series starred Jason Nesmith as the commander of a spaceship called the NSEA Protector, Alexander Dane as the ship's alien science officer, Fred Kwan as the chief engineer, Gwen DeMarco as the computer officer, and Tommy Webber as a precocious child pilot. Guy Fleegman played a bit role in one episode, an unnamed security officer who was quickly killed off in his only appearance on the show. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joetaeb D (us) wrote: Movie cheese flows throughout this flick!

Mikal L (br) wrote: Une vie parmi tant d'autre mise en image par le cinma.... pas de fin qui fini bien!

Jeannine O (nl) wrote: Tina and Amy can do better.

Tim B (au) wrote: scarrrrrrrrry movie. I thought Indiana was bad!

Geoff C (br) wrote: Of all of the biography films I've seen in my day, this is flat out the worst. (Yes, even worse than "Man In The Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story) The acting was terrible, the "Rolling Stones" played only one song in the film, (Which was not even a Rolling Stones song) and the story line was weak. I remember feeling light headed, and very thankful when the film was over.

Peter C (fr) wrote: How best to describe just how bad this film is? Well, if "Everything Wrong with Sniper 2 in x minutes or less" were to do a piece on this film it would last longer than the film itself. X might run to 180 or more. The only advantage might be that there would be no spoilers because that would presuppose a plot. It takes real effort to make a film this bad and the writers and director deserve credit for that at least.The film is so full of inconsistencies, twists in the narrative, illogical characters that one imagines that this could only have been written by several people: none of whom were given the opportunity to read the others' work before shooting started. Tom Berenger's performance was not phoned in as the popular saying goes, but posted by snail mail. And it seems to have arrived, again, after shooting started.I suspect that the only redeeming quality to this film is that it is interesting for people who like to yell at their screens about how bad or unbelievable what they are seeing really is. The only problem there is that they'd have to watch it several times because by yelling they'd miss some bits that they will certainly want to yell about in the next go round. No one can write fast enough to note all the problems in one sitting even. Oh, and in case you thought to just watch it with a cocktail in hand for the stunts, violence and action. Hold the tomato juice.

Jhordan W (gb) wrote: Drama donde la bohemia y el exceso caracterizan a personajes que comparten la necesidad de hallarse a s mismos y responder dudas elementales de sus vidas. Excelentes actuaciones (Cecilia Roth impecable) y excelente guin.

Josh F (ca) wrote: Classic 80's. Good high school movie. Loved Molly.

Jed D (de) wrote: "Whoever thought science could be this fun?" With such a gifted cast and great story, it's no wonder why this 80s film really tickles my funny bone.

Michael Y (de) wrote: Probably my favorite Chuck Norris movie. Good fight scenes.

Tim R (ca) wrote: The legends of comedy Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Brian Doyle Murray, Rodney Dangerfield and director/actor Harold Ramis bring the non stop laughs in Caddyshack!

K C (gb) wrote: McQ invades London... The Queen had best be prepared because the man who settled the wild west and had such a hand in winning WWII is touching down on her little isle. Nearly a sequel to the Duke's 'McQ' (not to say he didn't have acting range), the story didn't stretch the character, while it did actually make for a rather good whodunnit story. A little lengthly, but definately a popcorn movie. Only Wayne's second 'policeman' film, and great genre film like 'Dirty Harry hits England'.

Emre T (mx) wrote: Originally refused an export licence, Paradjanov's extraordinary film traces the life of 18th century Armenian poet Sayat Nova ('The King of Song'), but with a series of painterly images strung together to form tableaux corresponding to moments of his life rather than any conventional biographic techniques

Andrew M (us) wrote: This is perhaps one of Tim Burton's more visually impressive films, but, like every film he puts out, it lacks an impressive story to work alongside it. Based on the famous Washington Irving short story, Sleepy Hollow has all the facets of a compelling horror mystery story, but the storytelling itself is muddled and fails to be truly engaging in the way that it could, and should, be. The acting here is pretty good, however. This is one of Johnny Depp's better, and more subdued, collaborations with Burton, and he makes for a charming lead amidst the bland narrative. Christina Ricci is also engaging, and works as a strong supporting character to Depp's Ichabod Crane. The rest of the cast is serviceable too. The $100 million price tag of this film is very evident, with beautiful production design and costumes that add to the late 18th century setting. The film is also beautifully shot by the always reliable Emmanuel Lubezki; Lubezki's haunting imagery definitely adds an extra layer of creepiness to the town of Sleepy Hollow. These production values allow Sleepy Hollow to be creepy and frightening at times, but the script just isn't consistent enough to make it a truly worthwhile horror mystery film, which is ultimately rather disappointing.

Tuff L (ca) wrote: I would have to say this movie was hard to follow, because all through school I was taught the North were the enemy and wanted slavery. Now this movie wants to paint another picture. I am not sure which is true .. but one thing is for sure.. I know this is a Movie and all movies are somewhat fictional and have a bias added to them .. depending on a political belief...

Andrew L (ag) wrote: Apart from Bill Murray providing the voice of the fat cat (which was rather inevitable), this is a lacklustre & aimless film