Galiléia, Wilsinho

Galiléia, Wilsinho


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Galiléia, Wilsinho torrent reviews

Gaku S (ag) wrote: I think I wasted my time..

Cine M (ag) wrote: Barbara Mori and Hrithik Roshan shine in this very entertaining film. Which has all of the Bollywood components: adventure, romance and drama without the musical.

Veronica R (ca) wrote: Cheesy but still a favorite.

Thas J (ca) wrote: fanny + callas = love.

Logan M (mx) wrote: It is original, but that's about it.

Kelsy M (it) wrote: makes me laughit is sweet

John S (us) wrote: Absolutely disturbing, mostly because of how lightly the film takes the gruesome and perverse acts of violence and degredation. I think this is done because of the fact that these acts were taken so lightly in the reality of the era it's set in. It is silly at times watching historical icons give dialogue (i.e. Harriet Beacher Stowe). The movie is really something you have to see, and determine the morals of, yourself.

Trent R (es) wrote: Ken Russell does a Bond satire in the trappings of the previously sane Harry Palmer franchise. Caine plays it like a dutiful civil servant whose main ambition is a modest raise. It's good fun, and a fitting revenge for Deighton's From Russia With Love script going largely unused. Ed Begley Sr. gives General Jack D. Ripper a run for his money as he plays his son's worst nightmare - a right-wing Texan oil billionaire who wants to start a war because he knows God to be on his side. This was an implausible, comic scenario in 1967. Not peak-Russell insanity, but an enjoyable farce with a nice score and funny references.

Daniel G (ag) wrote: About a Boy is a romantic comedy that's not really romantic or comic either. Nontheless, it's pretty relatable and entertaining.

Jr M (ru) wrote: "I'm too old for this shit..." No, Mr Glover: you're never too old for this and it certainly isn't shit. "Riggs!"

Devlin R (fr) wrote: An excellent film that takes the viewer on a fantastic adventure in the city of lights.

John H (fr) wrote: Worst Video Game Movie Ever