Gallo cedrone

Gallo cedrone

The life and times of Armando Feroci, a fortyish year old, who's been everything (jobwise), a divorced husband, a careless father, an unreliable brother. The story is told in flashback by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David S (us) wrote: Cameron Monaghan is amazing!

Sobrina I (us) wrote: So-so. I liked the cartoonish way it was portrayed though. :)

Jamine G (ru) wrote: Dane is so cute and hilarious. him and Simpson made a pretty good team for this funny flick

Julio S (fr) wrote: This film was my childhood!!!!!!!!!

Kevin P (gb) wrote: Cover makes it look like a gay porn, but it's actually a shockumentary. Proof that Spenny always sucked. Go Kenny!

Jennifer T (de) wrote: Boring even if JLO is in this and I loved JLO in the movie: "Enough".

Stefan L (jp) wrote: A movie that looked like it was made in the 80s with cheap and crappy effects but not too unenjoyable

Emma H (de) wrote: I don't know why the chipmunks get so much hate! Come on!