Gamblers in Okinawa

Gamblers in Okinawa

A yakuza gang gets driven out of Yokohama by a big gang from Tokyo. They relocate to Okinawa to violently start over.

A yakuza gang gets driven out of Yokohama by a big gang from Tokyo. They relocate to Okinawa to violently start over. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niklas S (it) wrote: I like when a director can make one room work for himself. Not that much luck this time, not that Idris Elba was bad, he was actually decent. The story was contrived and slow. Don't think this would work as a play either.

Anthonisha G (ag) wrote: i want to see.this movie it is my all time favorite.

Michael C (ru) wrote: An original R rated comic book movie and still a fun sexy ride throughout. Kick ass gal, over the top villains and looks great on Blu-ray.

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Wayne K (kr) wrote: A harsh, gritty and uncompromising parable about the civilised world encountering the brutality of nature, Deliverance may be one of the cheapest major movies ever made, but it made a huge splash in the cinematic pond back in 1972, and decades later still has the power to shock and disturb. Utilising long takes to create an atmosphere of discomfort and a near complete absence of music to emphasise the desolation, the woods have rarely seemed so creepy in the daylight. In his best moments, Burt Reynolds echoes the late Marlon Brando in his heyday, with a sly grin and cocksure machismo, and the supporting players all bring something to the table. The film works with subtlety and suspense, eliciting shocks by developing a sense of dread and not with cheap jump scares. The ending is the weakest part of the film, feeling rushed and somewhat tagged on, like the filmmakers were forced to create a hasty dnouement rather than leaving the men's fates and mental states undetermined, which would have been more powerful. It has many standout moments, among them the iconic duelling banjos and squealing like a piggy, and while its muted nature renders it a tad boring at times, it still works as a tense thriller and an examination of the dark side of human nature.

Brenden K (jp) wrote: I quit watching just after 30 minutes. Everything about this movie fails, and is just a loud, uncomfortable, annoying film.

Brandon S (us) wrote: One of the most underrated action films I've ever seen. Unbelievable fun with charming characters, exciting action, and a surprisingly involving story.I would love to see Peter Berg do more straightforward action films, because the direction in this movie is incredibly sure-handed. All of the action is very smooth and exciting, and the story moves at a strong pace that doesn't shortchange the few more dramatic scenes.Dwayne Johnson is one of the few remaining true-to-form movie stars in Hollywood today. And, in my eyes, this is the film that sent him right to the top of the list of underrated but still bankable movie stars. To see him skyrocket in movies the way he has recently has been very cool to see.Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the stunningly charming villainous performance by Christopher Walken. The man is a master-class actor. We all know that, but here he gives us the kind of villain performance that is totally devoted to the audience's experience in the theater. Every little thing he does in the movie is to best serve the fun atmosphere of the film. Really admirable work in a role that could've very well just been another forgettable action movie bad guy to be dispatched by The Rock.Overall, this is a phenomenally well directed action film with a charismatic lead performance from Dwayne Johnson, a wonderful villain, great comic chemistry with Sean William Scott, and a handful of jaw-dropping, practical action scenes.

Ana V (kr) wrote: If I could give negative stars, I would. Total waste of my $1.50. All talk and no laughs.

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Sgt C (nl) wrote: (60%)The budget may be tiny and some of the performances bordering on terrible, but the entertainment and fun is there for all to see. Much of the content is more funny than shocking or scary, and as usual with Henenlotter the ending is crazy. This is the best of the trio and is the only one worth watching.