Four strangers (Neil Menon, OP Ramsay, Tisha Khanna and Vikram Kapoor) are invited by the reclusive Kabir Malhotra, to his private island of Samos, Greece. They don't know each other and they don't know him ... and by the next morning they will wish they had never come.

A wealthy man invites four people to his private island to blame three of them for his daughter's sudden death. The next morning, the wealthy man is found murdered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill R (nl) wrote: it seems nowadays that the slow burner movie is the in thing. this falls into that category but it leaves off with one hell of a disturbing ending. a movie I stumbled across on Netflix and didn't think much of it. psychological, creepy, disturbing. it all fits this movie and I feel worth a watch.

Wes S (kr) wrote: Generic creature plot with even more bland characters. It's pretty forgettable, and it's not as unique as some of other hybrid mashup movies. But the giant fire-breathing bugs are pretty cool.

Natalie M (ru) wrote: hard to watch - very boring but kind of innocent and cute

Justin H (jp) wrote: Extremely unique and impressive film making. One entire shot for the whole film creates a sense of really being there.

Daniel G (br) wrote: This is the unlikely but deserved winner of this year's Goya film awards in Spain. It feels great to be reassured that the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences has such insight into the historical and sociological context of Spain's cinema awarding such an non-commercial film specially now that its cinema is showing such strength internationally. "La soledad" is a film to be enjoyed as a document of extreme importance within the country's history. It is a true depiction of contemporary Spain like I have never seen before. Future generations will look at this film and wonder if Spain was really like it is portrayed and I can say without the slightest doubt it is a fresh stroke of real life and a summarization and homage to the country and the difficult times is going through alas its over-hyped economic boom. The dialog is so true and real it brings goose-bumps on your skin. It almost brings a feeling of shame in you by recognizing yourself talking exactly like them and sharing the same experiences. Truly masterful and without any doubt a modern classic.

Ravan Florentin P (ru) wrote: well build, but too simplistic and negative.

Anthony M (ca) wrote: LOVED this so much <3

Carolina V (nl) wrote: Historia de familia y enfermedad. La actuacin de SS, JR y los nios hacen la pelcula.

Trent N (ag) wrote: easily as good as the first!

Simon D (gb) wrote: Interesting as Kim Basinger has to attempt comedy acting but there's not much else going for it.

Peter M (ca) wrote: Im a sucker for post apocalyptic movies. And ive always had a soft spot for this movie as i watched it a good few times as a kid, i think we had it on betamax. Sure the budget is low but i like the story and the action is pretty good.

Luke H (ca) wrote: Strong performances by Maggie Smith and Michael Caine highlight this ensemble comedy set in the esteemed Beverly Hills Hotel in Hollywood.

Alex F (br) wrote: La ltima pelcula de Hitch no ser la mejor en su filmografa, pero tiene una trama pasable, uno que otro momento entretenido, y un par de buenas actuaciones por parte de Bruce Dern y Barbara Harris.

Trent G (fr) wrote: It was basically a long episode that kept the fun of the original series. I had a few laughs, mostly at Oscar, I only caught onto a couple of the cameos, but it was fun.

Neville P (de) wrote: The ultimate just out of college movie about 3 kids learning about life and love. Winona is superb in her role as the confused kid figuring out what to do with her life and how to find Mr Right

Andrew L (br) wrote: daft, cheesy horror flick which isn't even scary. Oh, what might have been in the hands of a better director (Ridley Scott perhaps?)

Tyler B (ca) wrote: As good or better than the original.

August C (jp) wrote: A terrible jumbled mess of action and computer screens.