A mysterious woman (Simone Signoret) in black moves in with married Manhattan thrill-seekers (James Caan, Katharine Ross) and helps one trick the other.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:statue,   poison,   apartment,  

A young couple who are into kinky "mind games" get more than they bargained for when a mysterious woman comes into their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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P D (mx) wrote: Take the voice of J. Peterman from Seinfeld, the racial proclivities of Dog the Bouty Hunter, a slew of animals with a perilous fate, a buxom young lady and throw them into a jungle with a poorly devised script and a director repeatedly willing to cross bounds of tackiness in cinematic desperation and the nearly unwatchable result will be The Man from Deep River. Whenever the plot starts to sputter there is an abrupt injection of some beastial evisceration, tribesmen running with spears, or a topless Pantene commercial. Great for those with the attention span of a four-year old, but with questionable refinement. Loved the king cobra vs mongoose scene and the wife selection ceremony. Boy have we come along way since the seventies.

Ofe M (mx) wrote: I think I can relate to this movie. I'm a writer and I felt the struggle of Rory. The movie is well-done

Jon C (br) wrote: I highly recommend this indie thriller. The performances of the two leads Nick Eversman and Spencer Treat Clark are worth the price of admission alone. It is a study of classism and injustice in an American small town. It is also s thrilling chase movie with a compelling, believable plot. Well shot in the redwood country of northern California.

Clintus M (ag) wrote: "You don't fit the bill as a killer," newspaper man Joe Rothman (Elias Koteas) says to Lou, Casey Affleck's character. This severe underestimation epitomizes this melodrama, a brooding, mesmerizing period piece set in 1950s Texas. This admittedly controversial film should be a modern film noir masterpiece, but its graphic violence particularly against women may have doomed it to cult status. It's a twisted misogynist psychological thriller that depicts a sadomasochistic psychotic as well as I've ever seen on film. The aforementioned character is played by Casey Affleck, who continues to amaze me. His main character is kinky yet mysterious; he plays a sort of amoral calculating characters who both derives pleasure from and is disgusted by his horrible misdeeds. This film is brutal and seductive in equal measures, and although a period piece about small town 1950s Texas, its shocking brutality has a modern feel. This is a more graphic version of The Last Picture Show meets Gone Baby Gone. The main character possesses an amorality rarely seen in film. He's so smooth his victims never see it coming, as he explains to one of them. Jessica Alba is wonderful, as his Kate Hudson-in a better role than usual. The music, a combination of opera and western swing, creates a fantastically eerie mood also. I recommend this film to thriller fans, but be prepared-its extreme

Rory Fyfe S (jp) wrote: Very funny movie. With good lead characters. Story with a heart.

Cynthia O (de) wrote: my first b&w caught in a theatre. twas during iff. magnificent cinematography. never realised there could be such a breadth of variation between black and white. extremely slow-paced resembling the desolation and banal sense of existence of the people involved in the small town. i'm impressed by the frequent close-ups of actors' eyes, esp. the capture of their iris' colour and the pupil's dilation along with the evovling emotion. also the use of humdrum ballads and rhythmic, monotonous sound of machines to further anchor down the mood.

Roy C (it) wrote: Jerry gets a magic ring stuck on his head and goes into the city for assistance removing it, crossing psychic dogs, gangster mice, and hungry alley cats.

Candles M (es) wrote: Quirky characters and a compelling storyline - what a nice change from the predictable stuff coming out these days.

Kc L (mx) wrote: 1978's version is more concentrate on the origin of the cause of the event, where 2007 Nicole Kidman's version is more concentrate on psychoanalysis.

Skyler B (fr) wrote: This is a love letter to Kafka from Allen. And, for the most part, it works.

Ben S (jp) wrote: "Rear Window" in a truck set in Australia. If that doesn't make you want to watch it, you suck. A legitimate decent movie that ranks with "Joyride" and "The Hitcher" (the original) as a cool and fucked up stalker on the road film. Stacy Keach is Jack Burton's long lost cousin.

Joao De B (it) wrote: Digamos que me pareceu uma cpia mais ou menos descarada de King Kong! Troque-se o Empire State Building pelo Coliseu de Roma e temos o filme!

Rian P (ag) wrote: "I don't know if anybody knows John Huston's "Let There Be Light," but a lot of Hollywood directors were commissioned by the War Department to make films about the war. Frank Capra did films out in the field, John Ford obviously did a lot, and John Huston decided to make one about the VA hospitals, when soldiers were coming back. And the War Department took one look at this film and they said "absolutely no way we're showing this to anybody" because they had this amazingly graphic footage that showed you what these fellows were coming back with. There's stuff that we kind of ripped off, line for line, from that film. It was the best source of material that we found to show what these VA hospitals were like at that time. It tells that story in a very different way." - Paul Thomas Anderson (on making ''The Master.'')

James B (gb) wrote: It really wasn't that good.

Apurba S (nl) wrote: Hrithik Roshan delivers a knockout performance and alone makes it worth-a-watch besides those impressive beards!