Gangsta Granny

Gangsta Granny

A young boy is bored spending time with his dull grandma until he discovers she's an international Jewel thief.

A young bored boy spending time with his dull grandma decide to join hands with her and steal the crown jewels after finding to she used to be a Jewel thief. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gangsta Granny torrent reviews

Thomas E (ca) wrote: I like Rebecca Hall :)

Richard G (jp) wrote: very good. must watch!

ken j (kr) wrote: Kristen is careing for her very ill husband that seems to be dieing for a degenerative bone disease now with no cure insight she turns to a friend for help to find a much different cure and this one is eating the bones of dead or alive people alike but in the end this treatment has some very unimaginable side effects. Very low budget horror movie has a good story and could have done with more money overall i would recommend checking this out as its packed with gore to make up for what its missing.

Russ B (au) wrote: 12/14/2015: A nice movie in all its Hallmark cheesiness.

Antonio T (br) wrote: 4.8/5 Devastadora, extremadamente intensa, perturbante, deprimente y densa, tan densa que tendrs que pausar un poco la pelcula, el director Andrew Jarecki nos muestra la destruccin de esta familia, y si piensas que ese tema suena fuerte, preparate para sorprenderte.

Li C (ag) wrote: Watching right now-such a cool tradition !

JJ M (nl) wrote: Masterfully shot but idiotically scripted, "Snake Eyes" is one of the only films of the 90s that I can honestly say is at one point well-directed, and almost immediately thereafter directed as though through the eyes of a retarded chimpanzee. Nicolas Cage is naturally over-the-top but still riding high off of his good will from earlier 90s action movie hits (and his Oscar nomination a few years prior), but director Brian de Palma in one film (this film) seemed to lose grasp of all HIS previous good will and shit upon audiences with this film. In what could have been a "Manchurian Candidate"-style whodunit, we instead are graced with a film that tries all to quickly to show us who the culprits are, and attempts to take away all the intrigue the viewers attempt to bestow upon it. What we get is an overly-short, awkwardly-told tale of an assassination plot that is essentially solved a half-hour in, and left with a story discovered neatly through the eyes of Cage's character alone. No character to connect with, no story left to unfold, and a strange addition of a hurricane as a background prop that goes nowhere except blowing shit all over the place...amazingly, a smart comparison to the film's storytelling itself.

Matthew S (kr) wrote: Wes Anderson's directorial debut is a good one.

Will G (ru) wrote: Extremely enjoyable film that succeeds mostly on the charm of its cast and genuine intelligence. There are a few weak moments in the script, and some of the characters are rather too broadly drawn, but these problems do little to diminish the quality of the film. Though the cast is uniformly good, particular praise must go to Val Kilmer for a truly outstanding and memorable performance as the witty, laid-back genius Chris Knight.

Thiago C (ca) wrote: When Marvel started to show the world how to make a silly yet entertaining superhero movie

Mike M (kr) wrote: If the film doesn't grip you in quite the way its brutalist set-up and title would suggest, that's because the second half goes off-track in the woods, as the hero is arrested by a pair of squabbling patrolmen; the theme, ultimately, remains abstract and purely speculative. The whole, however, is rarely other than cinematic, conveying a good deal of the protagonist's jaundiced, alienated worldview without recourse to much in the way of dialogue: take the eloquent visual rhyme (or dissonance) Pitts constructs between the lot full of gleaming cars the character inhabits in his day job, and the scrapheap of rusting bangers he pulls into at the very brink of going over the edge.

Jayakrishnan R (gb) wrote: 74%This film is one of my big time guilty pleasures. I don't like this film's blotted length or poor acting from the leads, but this film has a good voice cast. Actually this film' plot elements have been copied by The Avengers(2012) and Man of Steel(2013). Shea Labeouf and his girlfriend issues are extremely irritating. The CGI is good too.