Gangster High

Gangster High

Sang-ho is an ordinary high school student. His dream is to enter the military academy under the influence of his father who is an army colonel. As entering high school, he became friends with Jae-gu, Chang-bae, Kyung-chul, Hong-kyu and Sang-sik. They grouped a soccer team called `Tiger`, building up friendship by playing soccer. Sang-ho and his friends ran into group of fight with seniors, these incidents made everybody in school to misunderstand them as they were serious group of gangster. When Sang-ho gets becomes close with a girl whose boyfriend is a boss of another school`s gangster group, things are going worse.

The film opens with Sang Ho being interrogated by a man, informing him that he is arrested for murder.To the man surprise Sang Ho says he belongs to a soccer club called the 'Tigers'.  The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Callie J (ag) wrote: Complete waste of time. Absolutely horrible movie. Nothing comes together in this movie. The story within the story was interesting for a while. The rest of the movie made no sense and didn't wrap up in the end at all. Do not waste your time on this movie. Don't let the great cast fool you into watching it. Can I give it zero stars?

Michael M (nl) wrote: Interesting look at Improv comedy and what goes in to getting to work on a SNL-like show but not really what I'd call funny. I don't think I'd watch this twice.

Zahid M (mx) wrote: A brilliant performance by Farhan Akhtar...

John A (ru) wrote: A demon traps a couple inside tv programmes, where the couple must fight for survival. This was an original idea for it's time, that would've worked better, with some better writers and better actors. As it stands however, it's a cheesy, enjoyable, slapstick comedy which stars cult TV comedy icons, John Ritter (8 Simple Rules) & Pam Dawber (Mork & Mindy). An enjoyable movie, which won't be everyone's cup of tea.

Abdulmalik A (fr) wrote: could be the ugliest "THING" I've ever seen. Bad in every little detail. Epic fail. No brains involved.

Fong K (br) wrote: Lasse Hallstrm's directorial debut is a pleasurably bittersweet reminiscence of a boy grappling with abandonment issues, sexual awakening and acceptance of death in the advent of losing his mother to tuberculosis.

Derek D (ca) wrote: Not as good as the first one, but still better than the 237 sequels that followed it. What's Johnny Fever doing as a cop, anyway?

Veniea T (ag) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Carl T (es) wrote: Harakiri is an excellent samurai film with emotional storytelling, profound themes, gorgeous cinematography and very engaging fight scenes