In a cyberpunk future, Kyron-5 supercomputer attempts to exterminate the human race, but Gunhed mechs stop it. In 2038, five thieves break into a condemned island facility to steal Kyron's dead CPU. The place turns out to be a deathtrap.

Brooklyn's smuggling companions are slaughtered, sometimes violently, one by one as they wantonly defy the security systems of the Kyron-5. Babe falls into a vat of green liquid and becomes... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric R (fr) wrote: After getting worldwide fame for her demonic portrayal as a possessed girl in "The Exorcist" that earned her an Oscar nomination, star Linda Blair found herself type-casted and couldn't get any acting gigs other than cheap B-movies and exploitation films. Through these films Blair earned herself a loyal fan base... hell even I have a soft spot for her as "Savage Streets" is one of my all time guilty pleasures. Sadly for every loveable trash effort she did, there's a polar opposite with "Grotesque" being on the other side of the spectrum ."Grotesque" is a typical home invasion horror flick with a young woman (Linda Blair) and her best friend (Donna Wilkes)traveling up the snow packed Rocky Mountains to spend time with her parents. When some sadistic splatter punks invade their home, killing many of the family members in order to find money, Blair's grotesque and misshapen step-brother decides to get vengeance.What gets me about this film is it has so much fucking potential. Blair and Wilkes ("Angel") are exploitation goddesses and they are sorely underused. The plot of the grotesque brother is not given much back story and the film runs completely dry at the hour mark.The punks themselves are so over the top and sadistic that one can't help but laugh. The best way I can describe them is the 'splatter punks' from the beginning of "RoboCop 3" with their wild spiked hair and pasty skin. They are so fucking nasty that you truly root for them to die in the absolute worst ways possible... the aspect the film sorely misses its mark on.Other then Blair, Wilkes and our lead punks, the acting itself is quite atrocious. The worst is the two bumbling cops trying to solve the case. What did they do, cast two local yokel cops? The make-up effects also leave a lot to be desired, which is ironic as Blair's father in the film is a Hollywood horror movie make-up artist.However these are just minor quibbles compared to the shit of all shit endings. You think the dream ending to Umberto Lenzi's "Nightmare City" was a cheap cop out... you ain't seen nothing yet! I had to restrain myself from throwing my Iron Maiden 'Eddie' bobble-head doll sitting on my coffee table through the television screen. I shit you not this is one of the worst fucking endings I have ever seen!I wanted to like "Grotesque".... I really really did. The snowy mountain setting, the exploitation cast and the idea of a misshapen monster killing punks perks my interest but this was a poorly executed excuse of a horror film with the end-all worst wrap-up ever. What exactly Blair saw in the script to also serve as producer is beyond me.

Viktor N (de) wrote: A step back to the '80s action scene. Not a bad movie but still nothing go crazy about. But I recomend you see one of Stallones actual '80s flicks..

Jim S (us) wrote: THIS IS A REBOOT OF A REVIEW I WROTE BACK IN 2008An outstanding production in every respect, "Milk" is one of the best films I've seen in the last few years. Sean Penn gives a brilliant and Oscar winning performance as Harvey Milk, a gay activist in the 1970's who became California's first openly gay elected official. Directed by Gus Van Sant ("My Own Private Idaho", "Good Will Hunting"), the film follows Milk from his move from New York to San Francisco in the early 1970's; his election as City Supervisor and his battle with the religious conservative right; and ultimately his untimely death at the hands of fellow City Supervisor Dan White.The attention to detail in this film is amazing, skillfully blending the actors and action with those of actual news footage from the period. Penn is surrounded by an amazing supporting cast including Josh Brolin as Dan White, James Franco as Milk's long time boyfriend Scott Smith and young Emile Hirsch in a stand out performance of the gay activist Cleve Jones.

Helene D (jp) wrote: Wow. Just wow. I would go a little further than "unreal," heading toward "In the realms of the complete and total bugout". I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago, and it made quite an impression...had to see it again. I'm still trying to process it.

Kris S (es) wrote: Andrew Dice Clay, Richard Grieco and Ice T... haha how can you loose??? Dont expect much but it was a decent movie.. nothing great..

Zadok D (nl) wrote: Not bad for a silly period film. As ever, the French make much better films of this sort than we do, and Auteuil is as watchable as ever. Loved the father/daughter weirdness.

Andrew L (kr) wrote: The same premises as many teen movies: guy wants one girl, has another girls help that's just a friend, one girl is not all she cracked up to be, goes to other girl, ending movie kiss. Rinse, recycle, repeat. It's bland and not worth the price of admission.

Kenny N (mx) wrote: -5 stars. A sequel nobody wanted to a movie nobody liked. Junior's obnoxiousness is amplified a hundred fold for the sequel. The box is wrong. It's not "he's bad, she's worse." It's "the original's bad, the sequel's worse." I need an aspirin.

Steve S (it) wrote: *** (out of four) Enjoyable and breezy heist caper directed by Jules Dassin. Peter Ustinov won an Supporting Actor Oscar for his memorable performance. Maximillian Schell is asked to put a group of experts together to steal some valuable gemstones from a museum in Turkey. He instead puts together a collection of novices. Luckily the film doesn't take itself too seriously and everyone seems to be having a good time. Though fun and influential, I can't help thinking that the film misses something that could have made it better. Perhaps the quirkiness feels a bit dated by now.

Bjrn E (es) wrote: Jag faller ltt fr trasiga filmer.

Trey W (us) wrote: Still wacky,silly, and occasionally romantic. This has some mishaps like the generic costumes, Special effects, and SFX. But all in all Ben Stiller makes this an accurate, funny quest to defeat evil.