Garage Olimpo

Garage Olimpo

A beautiful Argentine activist receives preferential treatment from a man supposed to torture her.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Spanish,French,Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:suicide,   torture,   despair,  

In the 70's, eighteen year-old Maria Fabiani lives with her French mother Diane in an old house in Buenos Aires, subletting rooms and giving classes to illiterate adults in the slums. One ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Meredith W (de) wrote: The factually based story of how the Dagenham women brought Ford to a standstill makes for surprising film material giving viewers another classic of British underdog drama-comedy in the mould of "The Full Monty" and "Calendar Girls". It is thought-provoking, emotional and predictable in its mix of humour and tragedy but ultimately it is quite entertaining.

PierLuigi F (es) wrote: Really good cyber-futuristic anime. The story is politically-ethically dense and the animation offers fantastic action scenes. High quality ideas and GITS-like structures makes this move technically enjoyable but not one of the milestones of the genre.

David H (ru) wrote: I though this was a really good film and went a long way to paint Joy Division against the background of the hulme council estates and ex-industrial nature of Manchester in general

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Galen S (de) wrote: watch this guy for the real Onimusha film, he's pretty good.

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Tim W (ca) wrote: There's a lot of cheese and cliches and misses, but it was actually a charming and funny parody complete with amusing gags and jokes. Went on a little long, and started getting dry half way through though. Enjoyable.

Alex S (de) wrote: Very gritty crime thriller with Lee Marvin and Gene Hackman, Sissy Spacek was good in this.

Teemu M (fr) wrote: Yet another romantic "comedy". Halfway decent movie to watch, although the plot is quite naive and boring.

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Philip S (au) wrote: Not sure how much the unrated version differs from the theatrical version, but if you're gonna sit through this kind of film, you might as well go all out. Much of the film follows the typical Freaky Friday script, but there are enough personal touches to make this one stand out; mostly because it's MUCH more crass than a Jodie Foster made-for-tv movie. Not for everyone. It helps, too, if you like Reynolds and/or Bateman to begin with. Mann, Wilde and Arkin are solid support. I'm not saying you'll like it - I'm just saying that, surprisingly, I did.

The D (es) wrote: One would think a movie about writers and the writing process would be well written. This is not. It limps along to an unsatisfactory "ending" of sorts. The acting was solid but couldn't save this film.

Jim M (br) wrote: Quite a cast and crew that produced this one. It's an American International picture, written by the same writer who wrote Angry Red Planet and whose outlines inspired Irwin Allen's Lost in Space: Ib Melchior. And the director, Mario Bava is best known as a horror director, whose work Twitch of the Death Nerve, considered one of the first slasher films, was imitated in American theaters with Friday the 13th. The actor Barry Sullivan I found, was a character actor all through the sixties and seventies, with parts in shows like Kung Fu, Hawaii Five-O and The Streets of San Francisco. Blue planets whiz by as we sail into the velvet blackness, with the usual violins and weird musical accompaniment. What strikes me is the roominess of the ship. This was made in 1965, so I expected the effects to be better than a fifties sci-fi flick, but the lack of budget is fairly apparent. The leather outfits with high collars, biker helmets and gray instrumentation was interesting if allowable. The techie talk is really awesome, the jargon a bit much but fun to listen to. Kinda like the techno-speak on Star Trek. "In sixty fractions of megon, we'll start the landing maneuver." Cool! They're about to make a routine landing on the planet Aura with their sister ship. Suddenly radio communications are blocked from the sister ship. They are gripped in some kind of gravitational force and land quite hard on the planet below. Good stuff so far. The actual ship model that lands and the lighting a bit cheesy for 1965. As soon as they land, they start beating each other up! And then don't remember doing it! Are they being taken over by some kind of invisible beings or (shall I say it?) VAMPIRES???? .. They find their sister ship across a marsh, but unfortunately they beat each other to death -- dead bodies, blunt instruments and not a little bit of blood stains the deck of their sister ship. Gruesome. The entire crew wiped out, they bury their dead. But the dead rise, to make more dead bodies for their invisible bretheren. The movie does its best to build suspense but it goes a little long for me. Not a bad chiller on a midnight view. Definitely worth the rent, though not as thought-provoking as The Angry Red Planet, the undead do have a great time! Recommended.