Two best friends, garbage truck drivers in Hollywood become celebrities overnight after they find Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Best Supporting Actor Oscar for JERRY MAGUIRE in the trash and suddenly their lives go topsy-turvy.

Two garbage truck drivers in Hollywood become celebrities overnight after they find Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Best Supporting Actor Oscar for "Jerry Maguire" and suddenly their lives go topsy-turvy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben S (us) wrote: In Takashi Miike's Lesson of Evil there is a 90 minute, gruesome, high school slasher flick fighting to get out - but unfortunately as it clocks in at just over 2 hours the slow turn of the screw doesn't build the tension and thrills, but instead allows them to dissipate before the carnage and bloodletting has even begun.This is the story of handsome, charismatic teacher Hasumi (Hideaki It?) who - as these people often do - harbours a dark, murderous past. A favourite of the pupils, Hasumi is always ruffling hair and looking out for the kids - but the entire school is sent into panic as a series of murders sweeps through the community's overbearing parents and most ill-behaved students in a grim, warped justice. Following a prologue of a naked 14-year-old butchering his parents with a carving knife and infrequent flashbacks to Hasumi's psychotic life whilst studying in America, we know who the culprit is. But how long will it take everyone else to see through his charming exterior?Setting the clean lines of the school and crisp mustard yellow uniforms against intermittent flashes of rusty blades and Hasumi's grotty cabin, from the outset Miike builds mystery and swirling darkness below the pupils' breezy school life. He keeps the first bloody moment at arm's length for a long time, even throwing a few red herrings in the mix in the shape of a couple of dubious looking fellow teachers. With all this time to set the scene you'd expect the film to offer more in the way of character development but, despite good work from Hideaki and the rest of the cast, the depth of material isn't there to offer anything more than the base level genre tropes. We know it's Hasumi, we know he's off his rocker, but his full blown sociopathic outbreak is kept infuriatingly quiet for far too long. This is a cut and thrust bit of genre entertainment, but it forgets to act like one.When it finally mutates into an old school, gore hungry slasher movie - replete with glorious physical effects - Lesson of Evil is at its strongest, providing 40 solid minutes of morally suspect bloody slaughter. It's a shame the wait to get there is so ponderous. Another hint of what might have been comes in the form of a truly WTF body horror moment as we briefly verge on psychotic, supernatural territory. By this stage a bit of extra madness is desperately welcome, after such a slow build of little excitement and even less consequence. Far from a total failure, this film is handsomely shot and the twinkling/Bateman-esque performance of Hideaki ensures a constant watchability - but its unfulfilled aspirations towards a deeper psychological thriller limit its cheap thrills.

priyam D (ru) wrote: gr8 inspirational movie which simply touches ur heart very few movies are this close to my heart

DJ MooN Boots (br) wrote: yeah well charles starkweather is my great uncle. my name is jeff starkweather. this moive sucked because they left things out and some parts of this moive are false and some are made to look worse then they are. dont belave me. im from lincoln and yes i am really related to him

Peter S (ca) wrote: George Clark: Did you really beat a suspect unconscious with a dead cat?Orin Boyd: No.George Clark: No?Orin Boyd: The cat wasn't dead. Great Steven Seagal and his Dodge Ram 1500 V8.

Topi T (es) wrote: Aika kovat nyttelijt, mut oli ku joku halpa tv-leffa :( Oli kyll hyvkin! Nimittin Jennifer Connellyn isot, kiintet ja alastomat rinnat <3 Voi veljet m sanon! Ja ne tuli heti alkuteksteiss, olin jo ihan varma et t leffa tulee oleen tytt rautaa. Onkohan ne aidot? Ne on kyll MAHTAVAT!

Allan C (it) wrote: The evil leprechaun, Warwick Davis, is back and this time he's in the big city. Various city folk want his gold and Davis makes sure they don't get it, or if they do get it they somehow end up dead. The one thing about his series that works is that it doesn't try to take itself seriously and there is a certain amount of charm to Davis' leprechaun. Overall, this entry into the series is nothing all that smart or original, but Davis and the films unpretentious natures makes it watchable and entertaining for fans of these sorts of film. And if you're entertained by the fact that Clint Howard has a bit part as a tourist, then this film is probably for you. Oh, and you also get Sandy Baron, AKA Jack Klompus from Seinfeld, as a hobo who manages to get the leprechauns gold and meet a very graphic demise.

James H (br) wrote: 60/100. For those who can tolerate Jerry Lewis' whiny and irritating characterizations better than myself will likely enjoy this film. It is an inferior remake of "Nothing Sacred", but it does have it's good moments. The supporting cast outshines the stars, Dean Martin gets to sing a couple of catchy tunes. Light and usually entertaining.

Ash M (gb) wrote: Similar in the way it was shot to 21 grams. Story going back and forth out of a traditional order of showing scenes. Interesting story and great music.

Scott R (es) wrote: When I first saw "Fantastic Four," I remember specifically thinking that it was the worst movie I had ever seen, at least if you exclude my Niece's Barney videos. Ten years and a failed reboot later, it still is. There are certainly films that have fallen farther; movies that squandered a great idea or a great source, pictures whose unrealized potential haunts my dreams far more than this piece of drivel possibly could. But none of them aspired to so little and still managed to deliver so badly. I am deeply worried that the 45% audience rating and tanking of the remake just might direct an unsuspecting comic fan to this suckfest of a movie, and so it is with a pained heart that I remember, and I write.In the days before Christopher Nolan took over Batman and "Marvel Cinematic Universe" was a thing that was said, comic/superhero movies had a playbook so simple that even the romcom playbook was jealous.It starts with a hero that is either interesting or charismatic and can express two or more emotions, although the cooler his or her power is, the less their personal character matters. The leader of the F4 is Reed Richards, a science nerd. His power is that he's elastic, and yet he's played by a pine board with a quizzical face drawn on it, or as IMDb calls it, "Ioan Gruffudd." Jessica Alba plays Sue Storm, and manages sometimes to correctly emote frustration that people thinks she'd look good naked if she wasn't so invisible. Michael Chiklis turns into the Thing, a rock-man that is sad that it's a rock; while Chris Evans does all that is asked of him, which is to look like an athletic, pretty teenager and act like he is a teenager who knows he's athletic and pretty. In fact, the only talented acting, the only character with any depth and any pathos, is done by The Thing during a seven minute tangent. And when I say it's done by The Thing, I mean the CGI animation, not Michael Chiklis (a talented actor with little do to here). Grade: D.The second part of the playbook, in an origin movie, is showing how the heroes got their powers, and how they are transformed. In F4, four people who already qualify to be astronauts fail to raise their shields too quickly and are hit with star dust. Their response is not inner turmoil, ensuring their secret identities, or really trying to reverse the process. They skip ahead pretty quickly to posing for magazine covers. Grade: F.The final part of the playbook is the development of an archenemy to our hero, who has a need for something the hero is an obstacle to, so that they can oppose each other in a massive final fight se quence. The villain here, Viktor von Doom, is BFFs with the astronaut team, doesn't go to space, and then somehow...kinda gets jealous and turns himself to metal for no particular reason so he can dominate the world??? Even the Transformer movies had a nominal MacGuffin. Even The Green Lantern had a more colorable villain story. Grade: FU, audience.There's something fundamentally problematic in splitting your hero cache between four uninteresting people with but one interesting power between them. Fantastic Four is the second of three awful movies to bear that name, and hopefully Marvel Studios will consign the franchise to the dustbin of history where it belongs. This particular iteration, however, is noteworthy for the studio's utter lack of interest in casting talented, film-experienced leads or requiring them to have character traits for such a big-budget production, for how infuriating the weak action and nonsensical plot was, and for how, in spite of the infuriation, the whole film just creates an underwhelming sense of blah. Some awful films are at least noteworthy or interesting for the way that they are awful; some even develop a cult following or get picked up in film school. Fantastic Four is not any of these things. It is merely a stain on human creativity, one which should not be viewed by anyone, ever.

Shawn W (mx) wrote: Typical Cronenberg. Chambers is decent in a non-typical lead role for her that stressed acting.

Ray J (nl) wrote: Bogart is amazing as one of the five desperate men. Great scenery and a strong script higlight this classic flick.