An original (2005) documentary from Turner Classic Movies narrated by Julie Christie.

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Garbo torrent reviews

Deepa J (jp) wrote: A great, atypical Indian movie - ensemble cast, interconnected story-line,contemporary and real. Bollywood might be worth paying attention to - afterall

Hilary D (mx) wrote: It was interesting learning about the pilots, but a little bit boring, I fell asleep, but my boyfriend LOVED it so I would still recomend it.

Ethan T (mx) wrote: It loses focus a little by the end, when it turns into a thriller of sorts, but up until then this nifty black comedy runs rings around many other tertiary education-based crime sagas. (The names of which temporarily elude me). And, most pressingly, 'Willa O'Neill - where are you now?' Answers on a postcard please.

Alexander B (de) wrote: Brad Pitt's role in this film is what makes it worth the watch.

Brady S (ag) wrote: I this movie is a huge guilty pleasure. I live this film.

Markus M (nl) wrote: While lacking the tongue-in-cheek approach and humor of the first film, and thus essentially its charm, this sequel does for the most part succeed in its more serious approach even though its second and third story both have at least one unlikable character and the cartoon portions in between its three stories are uninteresting and honestly quite awful.

Rich F (it) wrote: All-time classic - sharp dialogue and bloody good end

Ahmed R (de) wrote: Only good part of the film was Mickey Rourke.