Garcea si oltenii

Garcea si oltenii

The magic stone that could solve world's concerns regarding energy for the next century is found in the village of Sadova. Therefore a number of agents from all around the world get going in the search of the stone.

The magic stone that could solve world's concerns regarding energy for the next century is found in the village of Sadova. Therefore a number of agents from all around the world get going in the search of the stone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Said C (de) wrote: pretty good story. i liked the ending too.

Gobinath M (it) wrote: Sorry the story is as old as wine.. But the interesting casting makes it along with some what gripping screenplay & good music. There are scenes which is awaked & u don't want ur underage to see those. In the name of Dolby Atoms they have included lot of noise, very bad sound design. Many places they have used cg instead of real location which looks really bad for a high budget movie. Movie is watchable because of the bond between lead pair (lal & vj)..

Kevin H (mx) wrote: I would have liked to have seen more of the debates and discussion, but it was still pretty good.

Kieanna M (nl) wrote: If you're looking for a star actor in a horrible movie, this is it! Although Elba is a great actor, he could not save this film from its horrible plot line, bland characters and choppy editing. The dialogue for the main character was basically inaudible, and there were no subtitles to depend on. The supporting cast performances were bland at most; casting a bad shadow on Elba, as he continues to give his best, which portrays him as an over-actor. The editing style did nothing for the flow of the story, thus adding to the one star rating. Overall, this was a haphazard attempt at an underdeveloped phycological thriller.

Josh R (gb) wrote: Vulgar, profane, and absolutely hysterical. Superbad is one of the very best comedies of the decade.Grade: A

Kaitlyn S (us) wrote: An offbeat story that doesn't really lead anywhere - not to mention hardly climactic. While it contains a very few clever observations about niche markets and capitalism, there is no "oomph" in this movie that makes you care about the characters...or even how the movie ends.

Brendan R (kr) wrote: Terrible. Plain and simple. Redemptive Qualities: -Jack Black's forest drug commune. -Luke Wilson The End.

David P (mx) wrote: What a movie, fabulous from start to the end. I take my hat off to Jason Alexanders performance he did such a great job

Ro D (br) wrote: only Woody can make a musical like this

Justin A (ag) wrote: A bit too long and slow, but considering its low budget and relatively inexperienced crew of filmmakers, the effort in the movie is tremendous. The musical numbers aren't as memorable as some of the stuff Parker and Stone would come up with later, but it's not terrible. Usually, movies this low budget that try to do musical numbers can be cringeworthy, but the music isn't bad. Again, the movie is a bit too long and it is slow to get going, but the final half hour is pretty enjoyable.

Scott F (us) wrote: What a sad, bizarre group of people on display.

Martin S (nl) wrote: Even though the first twenty or so minutes are very bad, you have to keep watching, then you will see a pimp-funeral, great Blaxploitation-lines and other great exploitation-elements (ex. great photography, naked women etc.). Isaac Haes composed and performed the soundtrack as well... can it be better?

Richard R (de) wrote: Film was ok but acting wasn't the best and neither was the plot

Damir A (de) wrote: An excellent thriller! Hollywood needs to really take note!

Teddy D (kr) wrote: One of the most important movies about World War II ever made. Kurt Gerstein (a real-life witness to the Holocaust) struggles as a chemist and SS officer, supplying the death camps with Zyklon B (the gas used on the Jewish people) while trying to alert the Allies and the Pope of what is happening. Along with, a fictional character, Ricardo Fontana (a young priest in the Vatican), they both try to work together to attempt to end the savagery committed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime. A simple, compelling tale of two men torn between their situations and their conscience; the script is excellent and the acting is all superb, specifically the actor portraying Kurt Gerstein. As I said, this is one of the most important movies about the second World War that there is to date, and I highly recommend everybody sees it.

Vaibhav D (nl) wrote: Just mindblowing! Lou was really very professional.

Sarah K (ru) wrote: One of my 3 top list (Been around since 67)

Adam C (de) wrote: I'm happy to say that I went into this film with exactly the right level of open-mindedness, and though a comedy this utterly stupid would never hold water nowadays, I thoroughly enjoyed the half-baked mixture of terrible acting, goofy plot devices and good old 80's sexuality.