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Garde à vue

A police inspector, suspecting an attorney of two child sex murders, has him held for a questioning session that goes on for hours.

A police inspector, suspecting an attorney of two child sex murders, has him held for a questioning session that goes on for hours. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lety C (es) wrote: Interesante documental, aunque nunca he estado de acuerdo en que separen a las crias recien nacidas de sus madres para efectos de invstigacion

Henrik S (mx) wrote: It is a shame this movie does not get more exposure. Apart from the fact that is in important case study of sublte and underlying racism in a bureaucratic society of white nobodies it is a gripping and terifying chamber drama. When a young black man is arrested he does not know that is a suspect in a murder case involving his own wife and he is now in the hands of psychotic and violent flatfoot duo Riley & Carn who a psyched about the landslide conservative victory and fantasize about the new 'dawn' of a a right wing government. The performances are very good and it says a lot about the actors' talents (and the screenwriters) when you can set the whole film in an interrogation room with 2 chairs and a table. This film is based on a stage play and you can tell, sharp dialogues, great acting and dense atmosphere.A great movie, should not be missed by anyone.

Martin A (us) wrote: Good for a Sunday Morning :)

FilmGrinder S (kr) wrote: A dark comedy for the demented...or those looking for something differnt.

Jason A (fr) wrote: The DVD box is completely misleading- this is not a movie called 'Kumite', but a 90s HK flick called Star Runner. The US release is badly dubbed, but honestly, there wasn't much to work with in the first place. Good action, but strange premise. I think the overall message Star Runner sends is that it's okay and not at all inappropriate to be a student, and fall in love and sleep with your teacher. Oh yeah, and somewhere along the way, there's a martial arts tournament.

Loukman T (de) wrote: First watched this late night on Sky Movies over 10 yrs ago.One of the better B-pic sci-fi movies I've seen.Found the subtle references to the ' ALIENs ' movies amusing.Not a bad in all !!

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Really funny, entertaining and informative doc about Australia's problems with the wacky Cane Toad. Everything from the toads history to it's use as a drug to the folks who love it and swerve to hit them is here and very well done. Also watch the director's fantastic doc Rat.

Gonalo D (de) wrote: Que se joda la critica... yo he visto esta pela unas ocho veces cuando nio y SIEMPRE me pareci ESPECTACULAR. 5 estrellas!!

Jason L (nl) wrote: The problem with the sequal is not only the script, but it fell flat on the face when trying to get where the original is. The actors didn't seem to enjoy themselves and the flow of the movie killed it's chances of "Even More American Graffiti" from being made.

Jesus M (gb) wrote: Bullet is a gritty crime drama starring and written by Mickey Rourke. It details a thug's return home after doing an 8-year bid in prison. The film also features Tupac Shakur, Adrien Brody, Ted Levine, Donnie Wahlberg, and Michael K. Williams (Omar from The Wire). In the film, Butch "Bullet" Stein returns home to his dysfunctional family after doing 8 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He refuses to snitch on some Italian and Irish gangsters he was connected to, who in turn watch his back when he gets out. As soon as he gets out, he immediately robs some white suburban kids trying to buy dope in the projects of NYC. He strips them naked and makes them run all throughout the building. He then shanks one dealer in the eye who had connections to his old prison enemy, Tank (2Pac). In prison, Bullet also shanked Tank in the eye leaving him to wear an eye patch and vow revenge (an eye for an eye) when Bulley gets out. Afterwards, Bullet gets back to his old ways of robbery, crack smoking, and heroin addiction. Bullet resides at his Jewish family's home. His younger brother is portrayed by Adrien Brody who is a nihilistic but talented artist and fellow cohort in crime. His older brother is played by Ted Levine, an isane ex-Marine who went nuts in Vietnam. Levine gives a real Oscar-worthy performance as a man who patrols his neighborhood in full fatigues and spends the rest of his time creating new spy gadgets in his metal-door bolted room. He, alongside his pitbbull Captain Crunch, instructs inner-city kids on how best to cut a man's throat and set booby traps. Levine was both crazy and really hilarious at times and had the standout role. Bullet's parents were always upset over their three sons, who were as the best way to put it, f*ck-ups. Their overly-dramatic laments were the only cliched dialogue in an otherwise gritty and realistic movie. Rourke gives a great performance in this greasy crime drama. The film is really well shot with some cool shoot-outs and fight scenes along with a great soundtrack. It reminded me of King of New York, Taxi Driver, Fresh, and other previous films that show the gritty and poor side of a dirty New York City. Like in The Wrestler, Rourke goes out of his way to portray a down-n-out pathetic but sympathetic character. He's a 35 year-old Jewish thug/ex-con who still hangs around all the dope spots and carelessly confronts anybody who crosses his path-always resulting in trouble. All the characters are great, Tupac made a great villain. Rourke gives one of his best performances, a classic for any type of goon who starts at the bottom and stays there. Most of the dialogue was gritty, smart and real, and the storyline was decent, but not all entirely original. It did have a fantastic ending though. Bullet does not go out of its way to have a deep moral meaning or message to live by. Instead, it simply shows the tough lives a group of people trapped in small-time crime. Bottom line, anybody who is a fan of gritty crime dramas should check out this cool little flick from the mid-nineties. (P.s., this is my first review in a long time. I haven't been on this site much since it freaked out and I was hoping it would be fixed soon but that doesn't look like that's gonna happen. Also, before all the problems, I had about 1100-1250 movie ratings but now I only have 650. A random half just dissapeared. Has this problem happened to anyone else?)

FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: "Your hair is like a woman, treat it good and it treats you good...Yeah you gotta hold it, caress it,love it and it'll love you right back. And if your hair gets out of line, you take a sissor and say 'Hair I'm gonna cut you'.-Doodlebug (Antoio Fargas) Tamar Dobson is no Pam Grier but she holds her own. More goofy then most blaxploitation film. Wish there was a wee bit more screen time for Winters. "To protect and serve...shhhhit."-Reuban Masters (Bernie Casey)

Janna M (mx) wrote: Well here's a movie that sends a very strong message about the DOWNSIDE of teen abstinence..turns out it could make you go crazy ! Okay...I didn't like this movie very much, but the performances were very good, plus it stars a very young and beautiful Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood.. which compensates for A LOT..

Spencer W (ru) wrote: Simply amazing. Great action and storyline backed by the most stunning visuals I've ever seen! A must see, especially on an Imax screen.

Zoran S (gb) wrote: One of Lang's most nihilistic films.

Kyle E (de) wrote: Wow! If Christmas leaves a bad taste in your mouth, this one's for you. I thought Bad Santa was the only well made anti Christmas movie but here's another one. John Waters considers this the best Christmas movie, and though I haven't seen Santa Clause 3 the Escape Clause, I can say that this is the best Christmas movie I've seen. If you aren't a Christmas cynic or if you hate Bad Santa then watch A Christmas Story instead.

Yasmin L (us) wrote: lembra quando o Tarantino apenas escrevia os filmes, mas no os dirigia? bons tempos