Gardener of Eden

Gardener of Eden

When a young deli-counter clerk and general slacker in New Jersey accidentally saves a young woman from a serial rapist, he becomes convinced that his new role in life is to become a vigilante.

Young man on the wrong track suddenly finds purpose and love when he captures a serial rapist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryoichi H (nl) wrote: Bagus tapi masih agak kurang sreg ama jalan ceritanya...

Paul N (ag) wrote: Does exactly what it says on the tin. Not very horrific, a few laughs and lots of familiar faces made this a pleasant 85 minutes that I will forget in a fortnight.

Scott M (es) wrote: The merits of this documentary can be debated. Those who are not car enthusiasts may find Love the Beast boring. Bana comes across as a down to earth bloke, who, even with an international career, still makes time for the friends that he grew up with.

Lauren M (de) wrote: Safe, a 1995 suspense film by Todd Haynes, opens with a dark car ride through the San Fernando valley, made ominous by the surreal, synth infused soundtrack by Ed Tomney. It's 1987 and a young, willowy Julianne Moore as Carol, emerges from the car to enter her gigantic mansion with her husband. As the scene cuts to them having sex, Carol's blank stare sets the tone of discomfort and tension that continues to build. She seems dazed and acquiescent as she moves through her affluent world, going to the salon, picking up dry cleaning and attending aerobics classes. The hollowness of her friends and family are highlighted by her stepson reading a paper he wrote about "the problem of black crime in LA" and her friend quickly turning the subject her brother's recent death to her new fruit diet as they eat lunch. The soundtrack continues to depict a mounting sense of doom, despite the fact that not much happens. This film offers an unsettling look at the synthetic excess of Reagan era America and modern life in general. It succeeds in keeping the viewer in a state of stifled edginess and uncertainty throughout, and does not offer any tidy solutions or places of solace. Haynes does a great job of making Carol's seemingly undemanding lifestyle and spacious, well-decorated environment somehow feel claustrophobic and artificial as her health begins to mysteriously worsen. Carol attaches to this idea of 'chemical sensitivity', but the viewer is kept skeptical, wondering if it is the suffocating nature of Carol's life that is manifesting in her behaviors. Carol sees a commercial for a chemical allergy healing center and decides to travel there. She finds a clinical, cultish community with an enigmatic leader, and seems to drink the koolaid. Safe hints at the horrific emptiness of two opposite versions of Carol's reality, but makes no direct claims. Julianne Moore's dedication to remaining a frustratingly passive character drives the film and leaves you wanting more, wishing she would take agency.

Gautham R (jp) wrote: Can't believe I haven't reviewed this. One of my favorite films. Its one of the most visually striking and cinematic experiences I've seen. And it utilizes color to tell a story and emphasize mythos and fantasy better than anything I've ever seen. Even if I disagree completely with this film's message, its execution is absolutely stunning.

Robert C (jp) wrote: I don't know what to say. I want to see the movie, Please. Why I cannot see the movie?

Adrian B (br) wrote: Much better than expected musical that presents a part of Fanny Brice's life, which is portrayed by Barbra Streisand, that shows her rise to stardom. Fanny Brice goes into her old theatre and re-collects she came out of her poor, Jewish household. She is hired by director Flo Ziegfeld (Walter Pigeon) who puts in her in they play and she screws with it by acting silly, which inadvertently makes it and her popular with crowds. Brice then finds an admirer Nicky Arnstein (Omar Shareif), who has a checkered past in the gambling world. Interestingly, they do marry and life seems good for both of them, though cracks begin to appear in later years. Streisand is superb in her role and the songs, for which I knew most of them (and have on CD), are wonderful. The movie really works and the flows at a genuinely good pace. I enjoyed the whole 154 minutes of the film.

Andrew S (nl) wrote: Gothic Italian horror film about a village being terrorized by the ghost of a little girl who died twenty years earlier. The storytelling and performances are a little uneven, but director Mario Bava makes up for this with an incredibly rich and eerie atmosphere. The colorful, expressive cinematography is some of the best you'll ever see, and the creepy score sets the mood perfectly. There are many poor quality, incomplete versions available on DVD; look for the one in Anchor Bay's Bava Box Set Volume One.

Richard B (br) wrote: One of Russell's better performances

Winston C (br) wrote: Past and the future other says that they want to go back on their past life for the revision of mistakes & missed opportunities they had... this movie shows that the mistakes in past the future will gonna cope into a right consequences for it's circumstances... it's really funny that naive or uncivilized person use modern technology in new generation... i luv this film so enjoying and relaxing...