Gardens of Stone

Gardens of Stone

A sergeant must deal with his desires to save the lives of young soldiers being sent to Vietnam. Continuously denied the chance to teach the soldiers about his experiences, he settles for trying to help the son of an old army buddy.

A sergeant must deal with his desires to save the lives of young soldiers being sent to Vietnam. Continuously denied the chance to teach the soldiers about his experiences, he settles for trying to help the son of an old army buddy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Serena S (es) wrote: A complete waste of time with unfunny humor, musical numbers that aren't catchy and the film trying way to hard to be touching. I don't know possibly some kids will like it.

Benjamin B (br) wrote: Not sure if it just got lost in translation, but this film is almost a disgrace to the other two Ong Baks.

Andy S (ag) wrote: If you don't understand Chinese, it's a good film. If you do, it's a great film. The writing is fun, and the action is fast. Chow Yun Fat can speak actual mandarin apparently.

Nicolas B (ru) wrote: Possibly the worst film to be made in the modern era!! Lot's of people may think I am sensationalising but that just isn't the case. If you want to be bored to the point of self harm then by all means go ahead and kill yourself!

Dylan R (ru) wrote: Green Day has proved that even though we may not get a another Pink Floyd or Beatles we have somthing that will do for now.

Naadhira A (ru) wrote: Mad Haunting + Sentimental

Eric H (ag) wrote: Touching the Void is a mountaineering thriller as much as it is a documentary about a now legendary climb up the western face of Siula Grande in 1985 by two young British mountaineers. Both Joe Simpson and Simon Yates came out alive and the documentary is based on the book by the same name by Joe.Joe comes across as an amazing man fighting a battle between life and death and calling up every reserve of energy that he could muster. The format of this movie shows actors re-enacting the scenes (very well done and quite thrillingly filmed in the Alps) intermixed with interviews of Joe and Simon plus the caretaker at base camp.I'm not a mountaineering fan and watching this didn't make me want to ever attempt mountaineering! but it is very interesting even for someone who doesn't know or care about the subject much.

Ryan V (gb) wrote: brilliant, harsh, and powerful. ending makes it more of an interesting experience of a film.

Kassandra C (au) wrote: Erin Brockovich Saves the Day Erin Brockovich is a riveting film that will have you rooting for the underdog and hating large corporations that are out to get the little guys. This plot has been done many times before and in many instances, it has failed but not in this case. The film stars Julia Roberts as the protagonist of this film, Erin Brockovich. This film also stars Albert Finney as Ed Masry and Aaron Eckhart as George, who is Brockovich's love interest in this film. This film is based on a true story about a brave woman who goes against a huge corporation to pursue justice for others. Erin Brockovich is a single mother trying to raise her three kids. The opening scene of the film shows Brockovich desperately looking for a job so she can support her children and she ends up in a car accident. Jobless, she convinces her lawyer, Ed Masry into giving her a job at his firm. While working at the firm she begins to look into a real estate case involving Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). She finds out PG&E is trying to secretly buy land that is contaminated by toxic hexavalent chromium, which they have disposed of incorrectly and has now affected the people living in Hinkley, California. The inhabitants of Hinkley are unaware that the land has been exposed to this dangerous chemical and think the company is solely trying to buy their homes. She decides to go to Hinkley and begins to question some of the people she read about in the files. As she talks to the residents, she digs deeper into what is actually occurring in the small town of Hinkley. She investigates further and soon Brockovich and Masry are involved in the biggest class action lawsuit case in American history against the powerful PG&E.Erin Brockovich is an inspirational film that will inspire you to do great things for the environment. She's a single mother of three, who without any formal education decides to go after a large multi-billion dollar corporation to help bring justice to those affected by the contamination of water in Hinkley. She was able to obtain the job in the law firm due to her tenacity as she convinced her lawyer to give it to her, which to me, says a lot about her character and how driven she is, which will help her as the film progresses. Despite her financial situation not being great, she still chose to help the people of Hinkley. This was a truly admirable act because she was fighting for a much greater cause. Even though she was not a lawyer, she was still an important asset in this case. I feel this helped the people of Hinkley trust her and bridge the gap between the lawyers and the clients. She was able to help the residents of Hinkley understand what was going on with the case in a way that they would understand. I think Julia Roberts did an exceptional job as Erin Brockovich. She was able to really connect with the character and it showed in her acting. This is a biographical film and I think it is vital that the writers don't stray too far from the truth and this film achieved just that. The costumes used in the film were great and helped bring a point across. The fact that she is working in a law firm brings a certain image to mind when it comes to the type of clothing you imagine employees wear and the clothes she wore were the exact opposite of that. Her clothes helped her stand out from the women in the law firm who wore pant suits and looked down on Brockovich because of her clothing choices. Even though the other workers were uncomfortable with the type of clothes she wore she did not succumb to their wills and she kept on dressing the way she wanted to. This action may seem insignificant but it really shows her refusal to conform to societal norms. The plot in the film is intriguing and kept me on the edge of my seat until the very end because I wanted to know what the outcome of the case was going to be. Throughout the movie, you can't help but root for her and want her to succeed. She's a single mother going against a huge corporation because they did the people of Hinkley wrong. This really helps play on the emotions of the viewer. While watching the film I found this to be an admirable quality of hers. While there is an underlying romance in the film, it is not the main focus. The directors do an excellent job at not taking away from the plot and the story that is being told. I would highly recommend this film. The acting is phenomenal and the plot keeps you wanting more. After watching the film, it got me questioning the trust we put in the people that provide us with water. I'm sure there are many cases around the world similar to this and I think it is a topic that should be discussed more. This film really highlighted Brockovich's many admirable qualities and it inspired me. She was just one person who happened to stumble upon this case but that did not stop her from further investigating the situation and doing the right thing. The fact that she did not go to law school and yet achieved something great serves as an inspiration to us all. I think we all have something to learn from Erin Brockovich and we should continue to fight for things we believe in.

Emeka W (mx) wrote: Thats right...Bruce Campbell dies in the first damn scene. It has its moments but dare i say a good idea before its time.

Iliana G (fr) wrote: these italian kids are just too cute!

Jari M (us) wrote: What it is to be lost in Tokyo Suburbs.

Ryan S (ru) wrote: It's not a fantastic movie by any means, but I like it when characters in horror movies are proactive in trying to stop the killer. Instead of just having sex and dying, the characters in Halloween 4 work together to try and stop Michael, which is very refreshing.

MaryJo B (ru) wrote: this one is my favorite pippi movie

Adam R (es) wrote: (First and only viewing - 7/18/2010)