Garfield 2

Garfield 2

Jon and Garfield visit the United Kingdom, where a case of mistaken cat identity finds Garfield ruling over a castle. His reign is soon jeopardized by the nefarious Lord Dargis, who has designs on the estate.

Jon Arbuckle travels to the United Kingdom, and he brings his cat, Garfield, along for the trip. A case of mistaken cat identity finds Garfield ruling over a castle, but his reign is soon jeopardized by the nefarious Lord Dargis , who has designs on the estate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim D (nl) wrote: One that should be hard to find anywhere for a very good reason. Don't even bother to look for it

Reynald C (jp) wrote: I'm not really into black magic so this didn't really appeal to me. Some scenes left my face looking pretty shocked but overall, pretty average fare. Weird to see that guy from "I Stand Alone" in every other disturbing french movie I see.

Sergio R (kr) wrote: Worst French movie I have ever seen. A complete absurdity.

natasha l (gb) wrote: sounds messed so I want to see if my assumption is right :P

Simonti M (ru) wrote: this is an very voilent n disturbing muvee n esp the sort dat cmpltly gets to yu n forces yu to ponder n thnk...very well made n soopa actin by every1..based on a true stry it depicts hw women were treated n bein loathed earlier..n hw ths woman alone went ahead n tuk her revenge..cmndable n hats off to the bandit queen both on screen n off screen..

Elise D (kr) wrote: An excellent movie that exemplifies the way the United States government tries to destroy Native American culture. Filmed on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, the highest place in the United States for Poverty, Child Rape and Suicide. This film should be required viewing in schools or colleges

Frances H (fr) wrote: A great film, one of my favorites of all time.

James H (kr) wrote: 68/100. I enjoyed this more than I was expecting. Just seeing Wallace Beery rumba with Carmen Miranda was worth watching the film for! Great score, nicely done songs. The costume design is good. The very young Elizabeth Taylor is clearly budding into one of the greatest beauties to grace the screen. Solid support from Selena Royle and Leon Ames, It doesn't rank among the greatest musicals ever made, but it is light, entertaining and fun.

Cha t (kr) wrote: This is a great old character actor movie. Propaganda but loot for Jackie Gleason (young and thin) and William DeMarist (Uncle Charlie) and many others.

Anssi V (es) wrote: An enjoyable film for several reason. First of all, the main actors are terrific. They're talented, charming and fit into their roles very well. Most of the movie's good sides can be attributed to them. The story itself is relatively basic. Young officer meets a beautiful girl, they fall for each other, problems occur. Nothing wrong with basics, and seeing that this is such an old film, I could easily say that the story is a classic. Truthfully, I don't have much to complain about. The settings and the dialogue are kind of bare, but this is an old film - it's part of its charm, really. It's the ending that I didn't like. You would expect it to go one way, given the conventional clich (C)s and all, but it decides to be somewhat radical and to go another way. In this case, I would have preferred the clich (C)d ending. Aside from that, a good film.

Alex K (br) wrote: Pretty good, but nothing special. one for fantasy enthusiasts.

Stephen M (de) wrote: The book was a fantastic story for the Batman title... it was dark, it added so much depth to characters we became so familiar with. Quite the task to animate, act, & deliver from literature & direct it for a film. It was a decent attempt. But it falls short in delivery for my liking. The animated version seemed more age friendly for younger audiences which is odd considering the story material.