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Garibaldi torrent reviews

Jonah H (it) wrote: I thought this was going to be a Hitchcock flick but soon discovered it was not. I do not think skateboards even existed when Alfred was alive. Nevertheless, I fast-forwarded through the movie and enjoyed the skate scenes.

Namita M (ag) wrote: I absolutely enjoyed the story line. Simple yet complicated.

Greg W (ru) wrote: okj version of this oft told tale of early settlers

Rawballs B (au) wrote: It may seem like a cheesy action/comedy movie, but then.. Insanely fine... in delivering its genre...

Jadrien D (gb) wrote: It was honestly hard to keep watching this one. It's bad... avoid at all costs.

Randy S (kr) wrote: One of the best Ray Harryhausen stop motion films.

Eric B (br) wrote: Claude Chabrol's feature debut, "Le Beau Serge," isn't as strong as his subsequent "Les Cousins" (which stars the same two actors), but it's still an engrossing, thoughtful look at love and friendship. Francois (Jean-Claude Brialy) is a sensitive young man who returns to his small village after a debilitating lung illness. Sadly, he finds his once-promising friend Serge (Gerard Blain) deteriorated into drunken misery. Serge has a lousy job, a bad attitude and a sad relationship with a pregnant wife whom he doesn't love. Francois (who has a faint messiah complex) has unrealistic ambitions to inspire Serge and the other townsfolk out of their resigned mundanity, but trouble starts when he courts a wanton teenager (Bernadette Lafont) with a belligerent, jealous caretaker. "Serge" seems a bit soft when compared with many other French New Wave films -- especially given its somewhat syrupy, intrusive score -- but Lafont's sexy, calculating character adds some edge. Watch for assistant director Philippe de Broca (later, a successful filmmaker on his own) briefly appearing as a friend knowingly named "Jacques Rivette." Warning: The TCM print I saw had two surprising external flaws. The lazy subtitles opted to skip far too much "trivial" dialogue, and the film image had some notable blemishes in the last 15 minutes. In a work only dating from the late 1950s, the latter seems inexcusable.

Alisha R (br) wrote: it was alright it's not my favorite though

Akramul i (mx) wrote: This is the best 2005 could produce? Then it certainly deserved best picture. Nothing against gays, but this was a tolerable performance of a gay couple separated by responsibility to others.

Mique W (gb) wrote: What starts off as a dull, generic erotic thriller does the impossible and further ruins itself as even trashy cinematic junk food when its justifiable cynicism morphs into something manipulative, self-seriously, and completely devoid of any logic.

Johnny B (jp) wrote: I only liked the creature effects.

Olga D (kr) wrote: The best cartoon, my child like to watch

Guido S (fr) wrote: In basically a weird combination of The Descent and The Happening in the Yucatan jungle. They get stuck on an ancient ruin and find the shrubbery to be alive and coming after them. The locals are there to scare them and keep them there since they know what is going on. This just wasn't that interesting to me or that scary. It wasn't good in The Happening and it still isn't a good idea now. Killer plants don't work in most cases.