A military mystery, Garrison revolves around an A.W.O.L soldier who is being searched for by his fellow troops. Garrison was inspired by the Fort Bragg killings of 2002. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Garrison torrent reviews

Jireh A (ru) wrote: It wasn't as bad but it was entertaining and cute! Haha

Craig W (es) wrote: Not as good or gory as the first, fairly boring and predictable plot.

Rosalind R (ru) wrote: Give it it's conceit and it's a fun monster movie.

Patrick D (mx) wrote: Slovenian eccentric swims the entire Amazon.

AQxa F (it) wrote: fantastic suprb bynd-blowing =)

Joe W (gb) wrote: War of the worlds, directer genius Steven Spielberg who directed ET, Close encounters of the third kind, The Indiana Jones franchise, Lincoln, bridge of spies, jaws, catch me if you can, Minority report, and much more. Sadly this is not one of my favorite Steven Spielberg films. Coming from a classic radio play written by the late and great Orson Welles. Coming from a play like that gift wrapped into an incredible movie, and Steven Spielberg did not have the right touch to this story. Coming from Tom Cruise the king of stunt acting, and with two nonsense actors I can't even act. Yes I am talking about the kids in the film, they are just simply bland. As it was so good moments in the film, and yet a lot of irritating scenes in film. I would love to see a perfect war the worlds film that's Steven Spielberg would've attended in the first place. This film was just bland and lazy, hurts coming from one of my favorite directors of all time doing that for his franchise of his films. It's just feels like that he was not behind the camera 24 seven. Sadly it hurts me. But the effects are very good, but the writing and the story of the whole movie is just bland. Grade 6/10

Cindy D (ag) wrote: a good movie bear by Robin Williams

Harper H (it) wrote: This is my favorite movie of all time. I highly recommend it:D

Luna L (mx) wrote: Loved the book, loved the movie.

Gome A (us) wrote: #115 IMDB top favourite films of all times, won 2 Oscars. Rotten tomatoes 98% yet I did not like this film at all .... Robert De Niro won Oscar ... I think it was deserved but his character was totally not likable there is totally nothing to like ...NOOOOOTHIIIIING ... I will not be watching this film ever again ... sorry but no ... just no.

Timmer M (br) wrote: Hearts and Minds was incredibly sad but needed documentary. The scenes of Vietnam were painful to watch and the soliders that were in denial about what they did were even worse. Although I think this film was extremely biased I feel like some other opinions would have been necessary to have a full view of the war. Other than that I thought it was an extremely important film to watch for history.

Gabriel K (es) wrote: An eccentric story which perhaps doesn't translate to the screen very well, but the movie was quite watchable and easy to follow despite the bizarre timeline. Somehow it managed to keep the balance between weird, funny, and serious.

Greg W (gb) wrote: the lead actress was just 14 when this was filmed she is amazing


Josep P (us) wrote: La reina Cristina de Suecia [1933]

Pascal V (ag) wrote: Paul Newman is the HOMBRE !

Miguel Angel L (ag) wrote: Pretenciosa, trama absurda, personajes olvidables y poco interesantes, musica olvidable .... Esto definitivamente fue lo que mato la animacion en 2D de Disney :/

Smriti J (kr) wrote: It's british. And it's strange. You'd vacillate between your expressions and exclamations. I calculate that it's the culture conflict that makes it befuddling. Watch it if you're all up for fucked up movies.

Colin L (br) wrote: the only slightly worthwhile movie that sports is a fairly major part of.

Masaki O (fr) wrote: It is important to break bad tradition and improve the ethics