Garuda di dadaku

Garuda di dadaku

Boy fulfills dream of becoming a football star.

Boy fulfills dream of becoming a football star. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James R (br) wrote: Grade A performance from Naomi Watts. The film itself though... not too thrilling. She definitely deserves better roles than this.

Shane J (ru) wrote: I really dont get the point of this film?? if the director wanted to make a porno then damn make one. i feel a little dumber just from watching this shit and im hardly brains of britian as it is. the basic plot is the last surviving guy of the human race (a virgin) has to survive from the "monsters" of the world ala i am legand. but these monsters all they wanna do is have sex! yep sex all the time cue the bloke for a hour and a half walking to diffrent buildings and watching "monsters" have sex,gets caught then runs away thats it, thats all that happens?? I see no reason why he just doesnt just join it?? they all want him to? And thats his ife of a "monster" to have sex all day,dont see much wrong with that?Avoid people, ive put my sanity at risk for u people so u dont have to watch this shite. even if u just wanna see a pair of tits dont bother! there all fake nasty and for some reason to be a monster u have to have really unattractive tattoo's all over your body!Heck one sex scene is even in a tattoo parlor!!! Ive seen my new worst film ever!!!

Paul K (gb) wrote: A very cool French / French Canadian Indy film with lots of jump cutting and weird camera shots. It's work to follow but ultimately rewarding. Vanessa Paradis is great as usual. Amazing performance from the wee boy too.

Grant H (kr) wrote: Bad movie. Unfunny, incredibly unoriginal, easily predictable, and poor performances from its cast. It's a good thing this was long before Captain America 2, because otherwise, the Russo Brothers would've been the wrong pick.

Jeff K (it) wrote: loved this movie, it's a annual tradition watching this before the new season starts.

Mick T (gb) wrote: One of the most underrated comedies of all time, this one never fails to make me laugh hysterically and care about characters. Winkler plays the totally un-Fonz role of a loser who escapes the stress of Wall Street to work at the city morgue. His new partner: an insane "idea man" named Bill Blasejowski (screen debut for Michael Keaton, who was no doubt on a heavy amount of coke). Shelley Long plays the quintessential hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold, certainly much more believable than Julia Roberts' famous PRETTY WOMAN. Full of quotable lines and a surprising amount of heart, it's a crime that this film isn't more well known. And yes, I much prefer Rod Stewart's version of "That's What Friends Are For" which plays over the end credits.

Andy V (us) wrote: This one actually holds up pretty well. The special effects are terrible, of course, but the plot makes sense and it has all of the elements of a classic Bond film: women, betrayal and subterfuge, more women, and violence.


Dan V (mx) wrote: Lighthearted comedy. A lot of sexuality. Would not watch with parents.

Gerri W (br) wrote: I saw the first Jack Reacher movie last night absolutely loved it and not into violence at all .But he was great ,can't wait to see the new movie

Trouble B (ru) wrote: Bit lacking in imagination and just sort of fizzles out.

Andrew L (nl) wrote: Very un-funny comedy with some good ideas that have been poorly executed. Random and pointless storyline involving the brilliant Dick van Dyke as an evil ex-security guard that doesn't really go anywhere. Ben Stiller is extremely annoying and he has a terrible habit of bursting into hyper-active fits whenever he tries to be funny. Ricky Gervais is worse. I don't know why people find him funny and I'm sure the Americans with their lust for loud slapstick/toilet humour will not know what to make of him. His method seems to be to forget the script and attempt to ad-lib, but in very tiresome fashion. Scenes are overly long and drawn out. The only decent scenes involve cameo's from Steve Coogan and Owen Wilson as a bickering Roman General and Cowboy (respectively). This is a very lacklustre film that never really gets going in all of it's 90minute run time.

Calvin C (kr) wrote: Steven Spielberg's first big screen movie and it is an exciting true story about a fugitive couple on the run trying to get their son. This is "Thelma & Louise" before "Thelma & Louise". This is when Spielberg was still fearless with his directing and found humor in serious situations. The ending is very downbeat which Spielberg doesn't really do anymore. Still, a fun, entertaining cross country chase.Grade: B+

Ashley K (ca) wrote: Tawny Kitaen was easy on the eye before the cocaine and booze.

Danielle R (ag) wrote: I don't get the negative reviews. This is a beautiful movie that is equal parts chilling and touching. Well written, exceptionally acted, and definitely worth your time.