Upon returning to Los Angeles to attend his father's funeral, Damon (Alexander) soon learns that in order to claim his share of the family inheritance he must work alongside his brother, Mookie (Kain) — a former drug-dealer who had previously cost Damon a college scholarship — in keeping the family's long-running gas station in business for at least one year. As the siblings repeatedly butt heads over matters both great and small, they soon come to realize that it takes more than money to hold a family together.

Two feuding brothers inherit their father's gas station, and must run it together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gunnar B (au) wrote: Dokumentar som ikke helt innfrir forventningene om et tft angrep p Berlusconi. Kunne vrt langt krassere.

Rosalyn O (mx) wrote: Ugh! So boring and fake!

Kaitlyn J (au) wrote: Interesting story but somewhat boring.

Ignacio L (nl) wrote: I'm not sure what to make of this... makes an impression though

William S (gb) wrote: Very funny and also touching. A lot of touching, in fact!

Antti T (au) wrote: Not amazing, but a watchable little Finnish young romance film. The cinematography is quite ok.

Caleb C (fr) wrote: Blah, what a messy film. Great acting, but awful story. Watch Derailed instead.

Chris (es) wrote: Decent Blaxploitation/Boxing flick, I think I only liked it because I went in with low expectations.

Amangeldi D (kr) wrote: the dumbest movie ever seen.. chaos is way better than this crap..