Gaspard et Robinson

Gaspard et Robinson

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Sumanjit R (es) wrote: An enlightening and sobering documentary on Afghanistan's very own X-Factor.

Reini U (au) wrote: Only interesting for surfers. Way too sentimental and full of all surfer stereotypes.But the water shots are fantastic.

Don S (ag) wrote: An awful Sci-Fi Original Movie. The special effects are horrible, the extras in the opening sequence all look to be lifeless hobos found on the streets of LA, and the story is not very interesting. What a waste of the talents of the smashingly gorgeous Morena Baccarin. SMH.

J Camilo V (au) wrote: This one can be a bit polarising depending on the viewer's expectations. Watched it last night thinking it would be a comedy, but I'd have to say it veers more towards drama with a couple of funny moments. The plot is sometimes a bit clunky but quite clever. The different (intersecting) stories make an interesting assessment of race, migration, and class issues in present-day Europe. Worth watching when you are in the mood for a good foreign film.

Jon J (gb) wrote: Even on his earliest work, Hirokazu Kore-eda showed his talent for combining beautiful camerawork and music with an emotionally resonant story.

Kelsey H (nl) wrote: Why haven't I heard of this before?

DJ S (it) wrote: This series is a fantastic idea, and is extremely interesting and well implemented. Every 7 years the documentary team revisit these 14 people, from childhood through adult life.

Bjorn O (ca) wrote: Den hr har man ju varit sugen p att se ett bra tag, och tammefan den funkar riktigt bra, samurajer,ninjer,waldemar daminsky, romantik och stora knslor, harakiri och sm geisha hnder som masserar naschys breda bringa, jag sg nn vhs rip med inbrnd engelsk text, bilden varenormt nrk men jag ska inte gnlla, men ett fint slpp p den hr vore inte dumt

MF J (it) wrote: A classic Japanese new wave type of film directed by legendary director Seijun Suzuki. His nihilistic, almost anarchic film and storytelling is a treat for any lover of amazing images tight editing and wicked camera angles. Simply unique approach to film 'grammar' is refreshing and challenging.

Edgar C (it) wrote: The passion and poetry of Shakespeare are subjected to Stalinist politics, and a shockingly seductive cinematography and breathtaking technical aspects enhance the delicious flavor of such despicable tragedy. Lunacy begins and the ambition increases, all of this controlled by Eisenstein in a masterful way. Each new decade, this Soviet giant would establish a landmark style, and the exceptional 40s were no exception, the formula including the submission of the masses to authoritative figures of power. Magnificent masterpiece that demands patience intentionally, only to reward it with astonishing symbols of religion and blasphemy. 99/100

Bass 9 (us) wrote: acceptance, forgiveness and love.

Stanley K (nl) wrote: Right balance between smart-alecky attitude and sentiment.

Dada P (ag) wrote: Loved it! This cast + Woody Alan = great story with perfect unexpected dynamic! Yes it is an old idea, but still very much worth viewing!

Kellye Jane N (ca) wrote: Scooby Doo is a family tradition in our I have my grandchildren hooked!