Gate 2: The Trespassers

Gate 2: The Trespassers

Four teens summon forth a diminuitive, demonic minion from The Other Side to do their bidding and grant their wishes, but of course, they must all ultimately pay the price...

Four teens summon forth a diminuitive, demonic minion from The Other Side to do their bidding and grant their wishes, but of course, they must all ultimately pay the price... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin S (de) wrote: Interesting look at the obsession with relaxing (straightening) of black people's hair in the USA and the major industry it is. Rock does a good job of showing how even though they buy 80% of the hair products, black owned business barely controls 15% of it. Also shows the extreme health risks of using such products, and the need for black women to have hair that looks NOT like black hair. Not funny so much, but a very important piece of work by Rock here. Interesting talking heads include Ice-T, Al Sharpton, Nia Long, Salt-N-Pepa and others.

Kevin D (es) wrote: Poorly Acted Film About a Kidnapping.There are very few redeeming points in this 'made for T.V' drama about a high school senior who was kidnapped from a parking lot in Nebraska back in 2001.Although the topic of this film is a fairly serious one, it is a huge disappointment in terms of writing, direction and acting. The movie starts out as a teenage high school drama, and ever so slowly and painfully gets worse and worse as it goes along. The dialogue is unbelievably and at best, poorly delivered. The most intense scene was a mind boggling cluster of bad lines, and inane acting, that it ruins any drama that should have been part of such a horrendous act.Every part of this movie dissolves into your typical 'straight to video' movie.1/5

Sandeep H (es) wrote: This is a wonderful work of drama, a memoir and a perfectly created road movie, where the two of friends decides to have a road trip throughout South America that is travelling about 14,000 kms in a bike. Well, one could only literally dream about this, but the fact is that they've attempted this mission to explore the continent they live, to see and experience things that they've only read about it. The initial sequences were quite funny and the two lead characters performed exceptionally well throughout the movie and had developed and executed a wonderful chemistry between them. The most beautiful thing is the transformation of the characters from the start of the journey till the end, and a great mystery to be revealed at the climax. Its much inspiring if you see through the life of characters and how the journey really changed their lives.

James H (ru) wrote: This is indeed predictable, Dolly Parton can't act, but she has such a charming personality it doesn't really matter. I enjoyed the film, in spite of it's obvious flaws, thank mostly to the presence of Parton. Great score, good use of Chicago locales.

Era M (de) wrote: 33 aos y me sigue haciendo llorar

Michael T (mx) wrote: The Harry Palmer film with the biggest budget and one of the first films directed by the uneven Ken Russell. Oskar Homolka's funny Russian general is back and Caine's Palmer is also joined by Karl Malden as a corrupt opportunist and Ed Begley (Sr.) as a right-wing fanatic who wants to invade and liberate the Soviet Union. The "million dollar brain" in question is Begley's super computer which was science fiction in 1967. Added into the plot are a series of murders, a beautiful double-agent, and the theft of biological materials from her majesty's germ warfare labs. Very cool picture.

jaswant r (ca) wrote: Finest Police procedural movie with subtle performances Makes a very good watch

Lou S (gb) wrote: More like "bore-abbas", am I right, fellas?!Also: It's got the guy from La StradaTurns out he is in a lot of movies.

Dolly K (us) wrote: I am in love with this movie, it is so great!

FilmGrinder S (ru) wrote: 77% "Sir, we've been on top of the Earth long enough, it's time we find out what's underneath"-David Innes (Doug McClure) Throwback camp of the highest order. "Your act of civilary, wasn't very popular."-Dr. Abner Perry(Petre Chushing)

Frances H (ru) wrote: Pretty fast paced political thriller and I liked the multiple viewpoint idea, although, of course, done before

Jennifer H (it) wrote: People looooove to kill with tools....

Mel F (de) wrote: Great acting from McKellen. The plot felt rushed towards the end though.

Ako G (fr) wrote: Southbound is an intriguing horror film that shines on its original story, but remains mediocre on horror or thriller aspects. We see a compilation of different short horror stories that are woven together very loosely simply with their beginning and ending. Some scenes are scary others are simply gruesome, but nothing really stands out as really unforgetable or special. The entire movie feels very mysterious and nothing really ever gets explained, but that didn't ruin the story for me. Just like the surprise ending, that strangely closes the story on one hand, but leaves it open on the other.