Gaturro is always getting into trouble, and his master doesn't know what to do with him. Gaturro's heart belongs to Agatha, the most unpleasant cat of the town. His several attempts to conquer her love disappear when she stumbles across Michou, a young, handsome cat from an aristocratic background. Gaturro accidentally becomes famous but finds that fame and success brings other problems. Gaturro is sad and lonely but with the help of a little mouse, they come up with a plan to prevent Agatha marrying Michou.

Gaturro is always getting into trouble, and his master doesn't know what to do with him. Gaturro's heart belongs to Agatha, the most unpleasant cat of the town. His several attempts to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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stephanie g (au) wrote: Netflix usa please put this movie on streaming,

Luciano G (us) wrote: A good cast who're obviously having a really fun time, a solid script with some originality in it, and some well-crafted death scenes make SWAMP SHARK a really entertaining and fun movie.....

Kyal B (ag) wrote: Terrible direction, awful casting, and downright out-of-character choices really ruin what should have been the best in the series. I love the idea of him almost literally being tied to the car and Statham is fantastic in this role. Still fun to watch, but I can't say I watch it without fast forwarding some bits

Anita N (nl) wrote: Very cool fighting movie. Cool story line too, with a few gross and funny scenes!. Subtitles.

Ceph J (ag) wrote: John Hurt is excellent and is the main reason to watch this movie. "Love and Death on Long Island" is an ironic title; "Love" is actually obsession and "Death" refers to the end of fantasies. The movie is best in the first half when Hurt accidentally enters a movie theatre to watch a work by E. M. Forster and stumbles upon a teen movie featuring Jason Priestley. This incident begins an obsession with the young actor that takes him to Long Island. The movie falters during the Long Island section because Priestley (a handsome but limited actor) is not that deserving of Hurt's affection. It becomes more of a comedy of culture between England and American manners. However, Fiona Loewi is fresh (a natural actress) as Priestley's girlfriend. The movie also makes Hurt a lonely and asexual aging man without close friends or other interests to pursue. On one hand, we admire Hurt but want to shake him by his shoulders and ask him to wake up. I liked the movie's broader themes of modern vs traditional technology, dreams vs reality, and cross-Atlantic cultures. I was also interested in the theme of a teen actor reinventing himself into a mature actor but this wasn't developed except for Priestley reading a poem by Walt Whitman. Hurt's performance is probably the best of his career.

Meagan B (de) wrote: I watched in when I was a kid with my sisters. We all wet our pants laughing. Very silly but hugely entertaining. Wonder if I would still think so as an adult?

Tyler S (ag) wrote: It's a fun little film that really offers nothing new or exciting.Bill Murray plays the head counselor at summer camp in the film that has the regular cliches of a summer camp movie...i.e nerd trying to impress girl, guys spying on girls, camp games etc. Murray was 29 during this movie and was pretty funny here with his mannerisms. Nothing real exciting but a fun film.

Natasha B (us) wrote: A brilliant adaptation of the film! Very good indeed!

John R (kr) wrote: 110308: Never drew me in. Not once. Ouch.

Gmd E (br) wrote: Now that's what I call an extremely underrated movie.

Waleed A (es) wrote: Awful. Didn't finish it. Again had almost nothing to do with monsters. More about war with the middle east . And it contradicted the original movie's basic storyline (1 viewing)