The time is 20 years and a few months to the millennium, and the unrecognized, self-proclaimed genius Orm Odins has to deal with the age-old existentialist dilemma that is teenage hood. With his final exams looming, his hormones in overdrive and love just around the corner what can a great poet do to survive? Our setting is Reykjavik in the eighties, a city that is going through a growth spur not unlike our eloquent hero. The mullet is just about to put its mark on a unsuspecting generation, there is no TV on Thursdays, only one radio station, beer is still and outlawed commodity and somewhere within the city limits the first female president in the world will see has a dream.

The time is 20 years and a few months to the millennium, and the unrecognized, self-proclaimed genius Orm Odins has to deal with the age-old existentialist dilemma that is teenage hood... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gauragangur torrent reviews

Des S (es) wrote: Pretty much the same story as the first movie.

Brody M (kr) wrote: If you want a grossed out zombie film, Watch this flick

Ryan G (es) wrote: McConaughey is bad as usual, and Pacino is nothing special.

Livi B (it) wrote: love it! best film ever :)

Jrme B (kr) wrote: Une course poursuite hilarante entre 2 personnages hyper charismatiques ! Indispensable !

Shawn W (mx) wrote: This "comedy of terrors" is more terrible than terrifying. A group of six students visit a new local wax museum where the lifelike figures of Dracula, the Wolfman, and the Mummy need only victims (the students) to complete the display. Film starts off on the wrong foot by straining for laughs. Likewise, the characters initially are quite unlikable except Deborah Foreman, who (for me) still carries the stain of starring in the dreadful romantic comedy "My Chauffeur". Had a chance to be decent but fell a bit short.

Jeff B (au) wrote: Terrific story and really a great character study of Tarzan, in and out of his element. Christopher Lambert's intensity really makes this character work. Ian Holm is excellent as his friend and mentor. Even Andie MacDowell is pretty good in this film. (Much better than the director's most notable film "Chariots of Fire.")

Matty S (kr) wrote: I am unable to defend Ken Russell's big budget excursion into celluloid insanity, but I can state that you will be hard-pressed to find a major studio financed film the comes even close to being as strange as this one. The concept is not a bad one -- in many ways one could make a case that Franz Liszt was the first "pop star" inciting the beginning of "fans" and "celebrity" -- however, Ken Russell stretches the concept way too far. The music of Liszt and Wagoner are given glam-electronic interpretation by Rick Wakeman and Russell turns the life of Franz Liszt into a surreal comic book version of history. Intentionally offensive and obviously drug-induced, this film holds a certain charm. I take some form of comfort in knowing that this film was somehow made. For Ken Russell and fans of Cinematic Oddity only.

Real G (nl) wrote: Hey maw, hey paw, there's a-gonna be a shoot-out. Call the sher-iff, yee haw! Now watching this film is about as enthralling as watching a block of cheese mold. This film doesn't know if it wants to be a Leone spaghetti western or a rip off of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. And let me tell you this much, Marlon Brando with a western accent ain't nothing to write home about. Save your time and your money, what a piece a junk.

Z P (ag) wrote: This movie killed John Dillinger. No, seriously.

Four Star F (fr) wrote: This comedy starring the Marx Brothers opens with Groucho being made the new president of a college. His son Zeppo implores him to get some players to help them win a big football game. However, after going to the Speakeasy Groucho winds up with Harpo and Chico while the professionals are on the other team. At the same time, first Zeppo and then Groucho fall for a girl with bad intentions. The game day comes and things look bad but the Marx Brothers turn the tide with their shananigans on the field. Memorable moments include the opening number, the password gag, anatomy class, and of course the crazy football match! There is also a precursor to the stateroom scene from A Night at the Opera. Fewer people but still craziness.

Jeremiah N (mx) wrote: this movie was at least a 60

Patrick W (de) wrote: This movie is about as perfect as you can get. It is fascinating seeing this simple man make his way through some of the more turbulent times in American history. But with how innocent Forrest Gump is, he doesn't feel the gravity of all of the important events he is a part of. Tom Hanks is perfect in the lead role and there is not an actor in a supporting role that I can find fault in their performance. Sally Field, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Mykelti Williamson, and on and on and on. The cast was amazing. I never miss a chance to catch this when it is on TV and it continues to be my favorite movie of all time.

Nessa J (ag) wrote: Another great collaboration between William Wyler and Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn and O'Toole have incredible chemistry together (finally Audrey has a leading man close to her age!)