Film starring Sunil Dutt, Nutan and Sanjeev Kumar

Orphaned Sanjeev lives with his comically parsimonious paternal uncle, Maniram, who offers to look after him on the condition that a contested Last Will and Testament, will benefit him. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Gauri torrent reviews

Anton S (ag) wrote: Artificial, corrupt, stupid in every way. Disgusting.

Katy M (ru) wrote: The acrobatics are amazing, the costumes are wonderful, the skill of the performers is breathtaking but what a shame it was filmed and edited by a couple of drunks with poor eye sight. it's Cirque de Soliel - you want to see the performance not a close up of the audience faces, nor the feet of the angel as she walks across a tight rope, nor the bum of the guys in the giant rings - you want to see the whole performance not ten seconds from a mile away followed by ten seconds of close up, The performers are ace, the camera people and editors should be fired, out of a canon, across the stage.

Rudi Z (ca) wrote: -really don't like horse movies but this was pretty good and predictable-

james m (fr) wrote: I enjoy the inter workings of a "gangsta" and allows people to know the intelligence behind the criminal. Takes me back to Scarface, and a must have for any real movie collector.

Kunal J (fr) wrote: CINEMA MAKING AT ITS BEST !!! 5/5One doesnt comes across such Bollywood films so often. Perhaps, one of finest movies to have rolled out from Bollywood in recent times. Shahrukh Khan transforms his Lover Boy persona to an "NRI cum Son" who wants to get back his Nanny. In the tryst of this journey, the true story enraptures with the realization of the very facts ad grass root realism about India. Scenes when he speaks to the Farmer or when he buys a glass of water from a kid who's selling in the station in exchange of a dime....such scenes establishes this 3 hour long epic as a stand out cinema making. Just like how we witnessed the works of Sir "David Lean"..GO FOR IT!!

Valerie P (au) wrote: Kate Hudson puts on an Irish accent for this Chick-Flick, which is so cheesy it's hard to believe it's not from the 80's. The lead male character is a shameful cad who seduces his girlfriend's entire family. I really wanted him to get tripped up, but the movie tried for a completely unrealistic happy-ending instead. It just didn't fly for me.

Aaron R (nl) wrote: Why is this movie called Fight Back to School anyway? They should have stopped at 2

Ronilson A (es) wrote: # Mentes que Brilham

Lilo C (us) wrote: This is one of the most terrifying accounts of the atrocities which took place during World War II. In terms of realism it far surpasses Schindler's List, to the extent that it's quite frankly hard to sit through. But the sheer realism is also what makes it such an important piece of filmmaking. .Agreed Shaz..One of my First War Movie. Very Brutal. I am ashamed to say I dont know much about the Sobibor Story except the Movie. Have to go dig. Decades since I watched the Movie. I was about 12 or something. Yeah I know not a Kid Movie, though I have been watching War Movies since I was a teenage or maybe younger. This is one of the Movies I would never forget, expecially a specific Scene, that I cried my eyes off and still makes me sort of sad when I think back.

Joy H (ag) wrote: El;vis Presley is not an actor, but you can't resist going to see his movies.

Matt M (ru) wrote: I think it captivated Mandela's legacy.

Jason T (gb) wrote: So much potential gone to waste. I enjoyed all the 80's references and gaming references but it's no Wreck it Ralph. It's better than your typical Sandler flick though. The pacing could be better as well as better jokes and writing. Kevin James could not be more miscast as the president. Sandler fans or gaming fans give it a rent.