Vishnu Prasad (Tusshar Kapoor) is an unappreciated nerd. His mother nags him and his father ignores him. He is in love with his neighbour Mohini (Antara Mali), but she already has a boyfriend - Sameer (Raman Trikha).

A very honest, simple and prestigious young man named Vishnu lives with his parents in a Bombay city slum. Everyone including his parents and people around his neighborhood hates his site ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler E (ag) wrote: Not really sure if this movie accomplished the goals it set out to. Not really sure if it had goals. Kind of feels like the story was written after the name was made up. With all the A-listers in this I was sure hoping for more. The plot never really goes anywhere and the "twist" of the movie is so predictable I gave an audible sigh when it occurred. It was mildly entertaining at best. Sorry Kev.

jacqueline l (ru) wrote: i also want to see this movie~~~ i am exited to see this movie

Tiberio S (ca) wrote: I don't know if the disjointed timeline jumping did anything but detract the experience, I was confused. I saw an attempt to develop the character through themes he encounters and rencounters at various points of his life, but that was more for plot consistency than character, and it served neither. It took awhile to warmup to DiCaprio as Hoover, not his strongest work. And I am fairly exhasted with Tom Stern's muted color blue movies. Perhaps if the cinematography would change per era, we'd get something more lively and clever like Benjamin Button. The eras never felt very different, which may be a point about how Hoover saw the world, and didn't see it changing. But at the end of the day, was I totally moved? Somewhat, but not enough. Mild thumbs up.

Sarah A (fr) wrote: MST3K makes it hilarious.

Timothy S (es) wrote: I know it's a bold statement, but for me "I, Spy" represents a lot of what's wrong with the movie industry today. There are at least six people credited for coming up with this generic and boring story that would have been right at home on the television series from the 1960's that this is based on. Movie audiences in 2002, however, deserved better. On top of that, the studio blew $70 million on this in hopes of making into an event picture, but looking at it, you'll wonder where all that money went. Granted there are some pretty good special effects involving this super secret spy plane, but you have to assume a lot of that budget went to Eddie Murphy to placate his massive ego. Which brings me to the casting. Murphy has played a variation on this wise-cracking, fast talking narcissist for what seems like a dozen times, and watching it again here only adds to the weariness and boredom you'll feel watching this film. He was once such a talented, likable guy and now he's quickly joining the ranks of Robin Williams who has also grown so tiresome over the years. Fairing a little better is co-star Owen Wilson who has a few good lines here, but he's simply lost in Murphy's shadow. The bad guys aren't in the least bit interesting, and poor Malcolm McDowell barely gets any screen time. The only positive I found about "I, Spy" is that it only recouped about half of its outlandish budget, which suggests to me that the general population is starting to agree with me. Not even they're curious to see this same movie one more time.

Ann S (es) wrote: it doesn't make any sense. but i did watch it to the end. and i will try to read up about it a bit. maybe.

Rodney E (ru) wrote: Life as a House sucks. It is total Oscar bait and is a poor excuse for drama. It feels like a rehash of everything from My Life to American Beauty and wastes the actors who are taking this seriously. I don't even think I finished this. There's Hayden Christensen chocking himself as he masturbates..So edgy in a drama. How is he going to connection emotionally with Kevin Kline? I alsmot forgot that this movie existed for a second

Thomas K (it) wrote: Perfect 90's video game movie. It stayed true to the source without going over board and getting in the way of the choreography based fun. Couldn't have asked for more from a Mortal Kombat movie. Many have tried.

Marina T (us) wrote: A film of 1992 ... A biography about love, bisexuality, Aids, ... The film is more than true ... Cyrill Collard died of Aids before receiving his nomination.

Kenny N (ca) wrote: Definitely the most "grown up" of the Ernest movies. I mean, they put him in the electric chair, for crying out loud! Plus there are what the ratings board might refer to as "suggestive themes" throughout the film as portrayed in Ernest's relationship with his lady friend. Not to mention an (offscreen) death being a key factor in the plot. So, anyway, keep this one away from the kids, because it certainly doesn't seem like it was made for them.

Julian Simon G (kr) wrote: A shattering rendition of a jazz musician in his last days, beaten by alcohol and drugs; and the French admirer who desperately tries to save him from himself, sacrificing his own family, mirroring his tragedy. I have seen very few beautifully sadder films than this one. The music is a delight, with an all-star crew, Dexter Gordon playing a character based on Lester Young/Bud Powell.

Yan Dominic C (kr) wrote: Excelent suspens et trs bon jeux de l'actrice

Jennifer H (es) wrote: This movie is not scary at all and no jump scares.

Daniel D (ca) wrote: This film had so much potential to be a remarkable drama/romance film. Even thou acting was good , the movie would fall flat at times. Aside from some mistakes this movie is enjoyable.