Geheimnisse einer Seele

Geheimnisse einer Seele

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1926
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   jealousy,   dream,  

A scientist is tormented by an irrational fear of knives and the irresistible compulsion to murder his wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Geheimnisse einer Seele torrent reviews

Robert B (us) wrote: Very goood movie, I recomand.

Patrick D (br) wrote: Has its moments, but ends up being another dark French romantic comedy with irritating protagonists you don't much care for.

Luke C (br) wrote: A well put together comedy with a heart that has the power to make you happy for one day. It's Russian, but it has a shine to it unlike some other Russian productions. You may well like it!

Hugo G (kr) wrote: This horror movie has a familiar setting about teens getting slaughter one by one, but this movie adds a little twist by getting in the picture voodoo. Sadly, the story is badly executed and everything seems to happen so fast, that there's not even time to process any scene nor let the characters breath for a second or just act like they weren't on a movie. Still, the make-up effects were really good as well as some of the death scenes. But also, it had some good scares here and there. -September 22, 2013-

cli o (es) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Kenneth B (ag) wrote: The Children of the Corn franchise had started to become very over the top by this point, although that does result in some humour and actually provokes the odd well placed laugh. This may well be the most entertaining entry in the canon so far. Still, that's hardly high praise because overall it is still nonsense.

Doug B (kr) wrote: I've been trying to find a dvd version of this film for a long, long time. I wore out my vhs and this review is a plea for anyone out there to tell me how to get a copy. The soundtrack is incredible. One of my favorites and the visually amazing -- sort of magical realism through a gypsy culture. I love this film!

Christopher J (mx) wrote: Pretty hilarious portrait of an old bluesman.

Jason J (it) wrote: From the director of the excellent Tokyo Story comes this family drama which is also a witty comedy dealing with the miscommunications that complicate modern life. The movie meanders around a couple of plots - children conniving to get their parents to buy a television, and a suspected case of embezzling. Though the latter is potentially extremely serious, Ozu follows these conflicts and misunderstandings, and detours into his characters' other doings, with a light, unforced, sometimes quizzical amusement and compassion. The fart jokes that sprinkle throughout the movie is also very funny to watch. 'Ohayo' perfectly balances drama and comedy, metaphor and visuals. This is the kind of movie you can see repeatedly, as there are always new things to discover and its a pure delight to watch.