Gemidos de placer

Gemidos de placer

A Man (Mayans) invites a Woman (Romay) to his house to live with him, just before the arrival of his wife (Vela) who is coming back from the insane asylum.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1983
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   torture,   adultery,  

A Man (Mayans) invites a Woman (Romay) to his house to live with him, just before the arrival of his wife (Vela) who is coming back from the insane asylum. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew C (kr) wrote: With more money and a notably better cast than usual, Heaven is for Real stands apart from most Christian-aimed films. The performances are fine for the most part and the characters involved sometimes even seem like real people with complicated, conflicted emotions. Wow! Here's where the praise stops though...The story is strange. The real "true story" and its novel aside, it's really hard for me to buy into the whole thing. Yeah, I get it. A kid sees heaven. Not a problem. But it's very hard for me to view this celestial visit as a huge, life-altering dilemma for a Christian paster -- much less for most of his congregation. Maybe it's just one of those lesser miracle-believing denominations we're talking about here, but there's an apparent colossal crisis of faith in the church that just doesn't ring true and is poorly manufactured. Perhaps it happened this way in real life, but the movie didn't help me buy into it, and that's a problem. All told, nothing really happens once the "plot" is kicked off -- the pastor just goes from one personal drama to the next, all inexplicably caused by his son's vision. There's lots of pandering going on. Yes, for a "Christian movie" this is hardly unusual. But the type of pandering I'm talking about not only doesn't actually work the way the writers want it to, but it's oddly misplaced. There's pandering to Christians, sure. There's also pandering to the more laid-back Christians who want you to know that they still enjoy a beer or two on the weekends. Indeed, the film is going for relatability when it depicts this pastor getting a good sportsmanly slap on the butt from his wife as he takes up the bat at a local softball league, but this and many other moments are trying way too hard to pander to the average movie goer. There's even some pandering to the good ole deists in the audience as this Christian pastor so thoughtfully notes in a sermon that there are numerous paths to this "heaven" thing that may or may not be "heaven," and that that "Hell" thing may be proven to be nothing but a bunch of hooey anyway (I'm paraphrasing, obviously). All of this pandering isn't even a real cinematic 'sin' in itself. It's just so very, very obvious in its execution. Though one could scarcely tell from my manically-phrased whining above, I think that this movie is actually a step in the right direction for films in the Christian-themed genre. Overall, the filmmakers involved here do competent work, and the proven, likable cast goes a long way in keeping this whole affair from being a total bore. Let's just not break our backs trying too, too hard to be relatable next time. Just tell a compelling story with real-world truths. Side note: While I enjoy seeing the great character actors, Margo Martindale and Thomas Haden Church in a movie such as this, I find their characters' roles as the mouthpieces for the entire church congregation (perhaps even the entire town) a bit strange. No one else ever seems to have anything to say except these two busybodies. They're always sitting next to each other too. Joined at the hip? Weird love thing going on? They're probably character composites from the book. It's a convenient device, sure. But it definitely draws attention to itself.

Danny C (mx) wrote: A sad story about artist. Right! be yourself!!

Igor A (br) wrote: Billy Bob Thornton zakon!

Martin D (mx) wrote: Confusing in places, but with a second viewing it all falls into scope.

Simon D (us) wrote: i dont care what time it is im not going home not going home not going home!!!great sound track !

Rachel L (mx) wrote: who wouldnt like this film? free spirited and phil collins carries it with his music