During the era of Japanese occupation, Sol Jin-young, a Korean patriarch refuses to obey the law to change the family's name to a Japanese name. Tani, a member of the Japanese occupation forces, is sent to persuade Sol to comply with the order. Tani is conflicted between his duty, his respect for Korean culture and his attraction to Sol's daughter.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Genealogy 1979 full movies, Genealogy torrents movie

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Genealogy torrent reviews

Lewis C (br) wrote: "Try to be a nice guy and that's the thanks I get!"Babysitter Wanted is quite similar to the movie House of the Devil in many ways (though it preceded it by about a year). Both movies have a similar premise (young woman at a small college taking a rural babysitting job at a spooky locale because she's desperate for money), both try to scare you by slowly building tension (at least, initially) in a large, quiet house, and both have similar sources of evil as the heart of the threat to our unsuspecting heroines. The main difference between the two movies, though (besides a gruesome twist or two), is that House of the Devil is just better. It's more frightening, more interesting, and more memorable. That's not to say that Babysitter Wanted is bad or not worth watching. It's a sinister movie that's shot well, and I didn't find much reason to complain about the actors (though there is a faintly ridiculous monologue almost an hour into the proceedings that would have been better left out). The story is simple and violence and gore are certainly present (though it happens off-screen as often as on). The last 45 minutes or so are quite different from what comes before, so be prepared for a shift in tone. The final act is where the two movies really separate themselves, and that's really where I think House of the Devil completely outshines this. Maybe I would have appreciated Babysitter Wanted more if I hadn't seen a superior,similar movie that I couldn't help comparing it to. Give it a try if you'd like; there are far, far worse horror movies available.

Kaitlyn S (br) wrote: I don't understand how this got a higher review than house bunny - other than expectations are lower for a stoner flick

Vince K (de) wrote: Very bizarre and interesting movie.

Grey D (de) wrote: this was such a disappointment compared to the 1st one

Chris G (es) wrote: Just terrible. And as for the "clever" use of special effects: yeah, whoever put that on there is on crack. The special effects are cheesy as hell, the dialogue is retarded, and it has NOTHING to do with the Double Dragon arcade game it was based on. One of the worst video game movies ever, and knowing how bad most video game movies already are, that's saying a lot.

Eric C (de) wrote: Amazingly amusing film about the lengths someone will go through for money and for family. Michael J. Fox stars as Danny Jr., the nephew of rich mogul Uncle Joe, who has decided to leave his fortune to someone he feels is most deserved. Danny has not been around his Uncle or the rest of his family because of their unrelenting amount of greed his family shares. But when his family ask him to come along and help keep the money within the family he reluctantly agrees, but his intentions are noble right? Nancy Travis chimes in as Danny's girlfriend Robin, a TV sports editor, who plays somewhat like Danny's conscience throughout the film. She plays the role with class and is really beautiful in it. Travis has always been a great actress and its a shame she hasn't really stepped up to main star status, she mostly has served as co-star or supporting star. We also get the late Phil Hartman as one of the cousins, who really makes no bones about how much he wants the money and how he'll do anything to ensure this. Hartman is most famous for his comedic roles, but here we see him play this role in a serious matter, regardless of a couple of laughable moments. Kirk Douglas plays Uncle Joe, the crippled rich owner of a scrap yard, who begins to manipulate those around him for the sheer pleasure of it all. As the film progresses you begin to feel for the man, as he is surrounded by leaches, but you also realize the way he treats those around him has lent himself to that cruelty. Olivia d'Abo I must note as she walks into the picture tuning heads. While most remember her from her days as the older sister on The Wonder Years, I remember mostly from Conan the Destroyer and this film. She does an amazing job here and never seems to miss a step. The rest of the film has some cliched moments, we get the typical Michael J. Fox comedy routines seen in other films of the same kind, but it still works. Its a shame that Michael J. Fox is no longer acting, he may have a bigger career than what he does have. 3 out of 5 stars.

Mark B (jp) wrote: i really wanted to like this movie but it was trying so hard to be smart and a little bit different it came off as professorial version of nightmare on elm street. still not all that great despite some good gore and a kick ass soundtrack. all three songs of it.

Brandon S (ag) wrote: Cronenberg fans be warned this is probably the worst film he has ever made and it just lacks the feeling of all of his previous and latter films. The film follows a car racing company and the problems they deal with day to day including a greedy oil executive that put profits before safety. If you are not a fan of car racing at all this film is worthless, if you're a fan of Cronenberg it's still worthless, but if you're a fan of the late great b-movie goddess Claudia Jennings than it is worth a rental.

Paul N (es) wrote: Rest in Peace Karen Black

David B (kr) wrote: pretty good, strong cast of likeable characters, John Wayne gives a good performance but overall it's a fairly standard war film.

Jennifer M (de) wrote: A cute formulaic love story, although this girl should have been arrested for harassment!!!

Irvin C (it) wrote: Who knew Frank Capra had it in him? You know him for doing stuff like "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington". This is a dark, tragic strange love story between a white Christian missionary woman and genocidal Chinese general (played in yellow face by a white actor). The politically correct among us might not get past the of-its-time blatant racism of the film. However in its own strange way, it is also kind of daring, humane and even sort of progressive. It manages to be a heartbreaking, moving love story in its own really odd way. I know it's not a popular opinion but this might be my favorite Frank Capra film to date.

Jeffrey C (ca) wrote: Big Jake's character is epic John Wayne. A model of toughness smoothed with compassion in just the right places.

Jason G (ru) wrote: After a slightly rocky start, the movie becomes outlandishly campy and positively hilarious. A classic for the ages!