Generazione mille euro

Generazione mille euro

In Milan, Matteo is an underemployed physicist, giving the occasional lecture at a university while working at a PR firm where he knows he'll be fired. Without his really trying, two women ...

In Milan, Matteo is an underemployed physicist, giving the occasional lecture at a university while working at a PR firm where he knows he'll be fired. Without his really trying, two women ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leon B (es) wrote: Review:This film is awful! The storyline is all over the place and I totally lost interest after a while. I think that it's about a novelist who is due to bring out his second book. After the success of his first novel, his ego is boosted to a point were he is rude to people, including his girlfriend who is also a established photographer. I understood the movie up to that point but the director took the plot down many avenues which became confusing. I ended up falling asleep a few times because I was completely bored and I hated the way that the movie was shot. You've got this annoying jazz music throughout the film and the narrating just brought more confusion to the whole project. I would have been able to put up with tone and pace of the film if it was slightly funny but I really didn't find it amusing at all. At the end of the day, it really has to go down as a bad day at the office for Jonathan Pryce and Jason Schwartzman, who usually make good movies but this one was really boring and a total disappointment. Rubbish!Round-Up:I can't believe that I wasted 2 hours of my life on this poor movie. The movie was directed by Alex Ross Perry who brought you Impolex, The Color Wheel, The Sixth Year and Queen of Faith, which I have never heard of before. I wasn't that impressed with his style of direction or the grainy camerawork which became annoying after a while. The acting wasn't bad from Schwartzman, who was great in Saving Mr. Banks and Darjeeling Unlimited but this film was a terrible choice. I'm sure that the director has quite a few fans of his work because he does have a unique style, but I really struggled with it. Jonathan Pryce, who recently joined the Game Of Thrones series, was a complete waste in this film but he obviously found something interesting in the script to take on the project. Anyway, I think you can tell that I really didn't enjoy this movie so I will stop putting it down.I recommend this movie to people who are into their comedy/dramas about a novelist who seeks inspiration from another author, to bring out his second novel. 1/10

Duncan L (de) wrote: Extremely inspiring documentary. Being a mountain biker myself, I found it to be very interesting and inspiring. Definitely a film with a niche audience as those outside of mountain biking would probably gain very little entertainment value out of it.

Daniel N (ru) wrote: The best biker film ever!

Ryan V (ru) wrote: I wasn't crazy about it, but Donald Sutherland kept cracking me up. I've never seen him in a serious role, and he was hysterical.

Grayson W (es) wrote: One of the better 90s horror movies, partly because a lot of it still feels like an 80s film. It goes in more directions than the original and is a bit more over the top in many aspects. The gore and practical effects are plentiful and appreciated. Christine Taylor is fun to watch in this.

Michael S (au) wrote: My family and I went back and watched Curly Sue after seeing Alison on the Voice. We all absolutely loved it! Very entertaining and fun.

Yuri B (de) wrote: One of Robin Williams' best films... RIP.

Jay R (br) wrote: After watching Reach Me I will purchase this movie. It reached me and now I am reaching you.

Emma I (it) wrote: Meat Loaf is fantastic in this and he looks cute too... Love it !

Javor B (es) wrote: Good acting and intelligent story make up for the disappointing ending.

Chris Q (mx) wrote: Damn this was really good. Great story and a great performance from Michael Douglas. One of my favorite Oliver Stone movies.