George Carlin: You Are All Diseased

George Carlin: You Are All Diseased

Legendary comic Carlin comes back to the Beacon theater to angrily rant about airport security, germs, cigars, angels, children and parents, men, names, religion, god, advertising, Bill Jeff and minorities.

Legendary comic Carlin comes back to the Beacon theater to angrily rant about airport security, germs, cigars, angels, children and parents, men, names, religion, god, advertising, Bill Jeff and minorities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (nl) wrote: Here is yet another film I went into mostly blind was ok. There were some plot elements that recalled SUCKER PUNCH and MEMENTO, but for the most part it was its own thing and very distinguishable from those. The plot is about Suki, a mental patient with dis-associative identity disorder who is undergoing treatment with a machine that is supposed to "burn" away those extra, unwanted personalities. There have also been a recent rash of deaths of which she is the prime suspect. The best thing I can say about this movie is that it has a very cool visual style and some decent effects and action despite the low budget. Sure, the rain-soaked, color-corrected, graphic novel-esque look has been done to death in the years since SIN CITY came out, but this one felt original enough that it was interesting to watch in that regard. However, I thought that the story brought nothing new to the table, and was equal parts silly and stupid. And, despite a "who's who" of character actors filling out the cast none of the performances were that memorable, let alone great. Katie Cassidy does fine in the lead role as Suki, but she never shows much range. All of the other characters border on caricature and are only there as the plot requires them to be. Also, the plot was very thin and only really does something with it in the last act with a twist that can be seen from a mile away. So, if you like comic books and/or graphic novels and you're looking for something different, by all means check this out. However, if you require a little more from your movie than cool visuals and the barest minimum of a plot then maybe you should skip this one.

Eytan D (ca) wrote: It being based largely on the classic Jim Jones case, "The Sacrament" gets its chills quietly at first, then explodes into a horrifying prediction of mass death. Ti West's commitment to the material shines through and the performances are all great, especially Gene Jones as Father. West continues to keep up a solid track record in the horror genre. He's one of the best we've got right now, and "The Sacrament" proves it.

Jennie R (br) wrote: Love this series of movies but this was just devoid of quality. The acting was pretty bad and there wasn't much for action. It was cool that there were new puppets but it was one big scene and that was it. This really fell flat for me. Some of the reviews state that it is a continuation of the story in part 9 which I have not seen. That may make all the difference. Standing alone as a movie, it is just hollow.

Konstantinos C (nl) wrote: i learned so many thing about rock life in this movie!!

Artur C (us) wrote: Reminded me a lot of "House Of Wax", without all the fun, wax and Paris Hilton.

Etienne H (it) wrote: It was an excellent drama about healing and forgiveness. However it left me with mixed feelings.

Logan M (br) wrote: "Howards End" is an exceptional portrait of the English class system. Of all the movies based on Forster's novels, I'd bank on this one as the best.

Anna L (us) wrote: Definitely a Van Sant film.

John R (fr) wrote: 111229: I love this movie. Not sure how many times I(TM)ve seen it now but it still rates as one of my favorites.

Gareth M (gb) wrote: Will Ferrell is funny as ever playin the BadBoy of Figure Skatin, and Jon Hender is just as good

ray r (ru) wrote: Terrible sick immoral movie. I imagine that Islamic Extremists show these movies to show how "evil the west is".... I also wonder do the actors/actresses actually realise that this shit is been filmed? Do they now that its on film forever? Making this movie is like been a prostitute. Yeah youll make a load of quick money but youll regret it when your older and you wont be able to wash it off. Seriously if imagining the sickest thing is now all it takes to make a movie then welcome to my brain as I could easily do that. Shit disgusting movie

Ed C (br) wrote: One line summary: Just as flipping bad as it looks.----------------------- Jack Turner and Rosie Gray are a couple who are proofing a submarine/AI system that is shaped like a shark. That is the Mecha Shark. The AI is 'Nemo,' a voice-only character. The world is a tizzy about rampant megalodons; those would be the Mega Sharks. So, there is at least one Mega Shark that is headed to Australia, to an ancestral mating ground. Great. In the midst of all this macro-disaster, there is a little girl looking to stay hidden from her mother. This is some joke that the screenwriter apparently thought was funny. Guess again. That somehow snags Rosie's efforts. The Mecha Shark has an amphibious mode. Nero gets lost in cyberspace, and the shark becomes just as big a problem as Mega Shark. Will Mecha Shark stop reaping destruction in Australia? Will the Mega Shark get put down? Will Elisabeth and Christopher get into some better movies and stay out of this sort of nonsense?--------Scores------ Cinematography: 5/10 There are some nice aerials and shots of US naval vessels. The CGI is hit or miss, mostly miss. Sound: 2/10 Mostly not a factor, but the background music is truly poor. Acting: 4/10 I liked Elisabeth Roehm in American Hustle and Law and Order. I liked Christopher Judge in Stargate SG1. Debbie Gibson was her usual bubbly self. Past those three, we had performances that are beneath amateurish. Even the veterans must have had a tough time not barfing at the bad dialog. Screenplay: 2/10 Poor dialog. The script has about 15 minutes of story spread over 85 minutes.

Tim S (ca) wrote: Nightbreed is one of those legendary horror movies that was meddled with quite a bit in its finished form. Having seen the recent release of the director's cut, it was probably for the best. To be honest, this is not a great movie, or even a great love story as Clive Barker had originally intended. What it is instead is charming, mainly because of how stylish it is, how great the score is, and how fantastic the special make-up effects are. This movie seems to have more original make-up designs than nearly any other movie. It also has David Cronenberg as a psychotic killer, which counts for quite a bit. Those are all of its strong points. Its structure, lack of tone, and follow-through on one solid idea are its main weaknesses. I've also had problems with the local cops later in the film who are typical bad cops from cliched B movies, and this movie should be above that sort of thing. I still admire the film for what it is, even if it's a mess. It has plenty in it to keep things interesting and moves at quite a brisk pace.

Benjamin S (gb) wrote: Strong performances from Walken, Pacino, and Arkin carry a mediocre script.

Adrian B (gb) wrote: Two very good actors in Al Pacino and Christopher Walken let down in horrible script and subsequently very poor movie

Gabriel C (gb) wrote: Twilight fans will squeal with delight, but more discerning viewers will be sickened by the movie's uneven acting and corny dialogue.