George of the Jungle

George of the Jungle

Baby George got into a plane crash in a jungle, stayed alive and was adopted by a wise ape. Ursula Stanhope, US noble woman is saved from death on safari by grown-up George, and he takes her to jungle to live with him. He slowly learns a rules of human relationships, while Ursula's lover Lyle is looking for her and the one who took her. After they are found, Ursula takes George to the USA.

After a plane crash, a young boy named George becomes lost in the jungles where he's rescued and raised to manhood by an articulate ape called Ape. Heiress Ursula Stanhope treks off to Africa for adventure, and to get away from her fiance. Ursula meets George, and love sparks. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


George of the Jungle torrent reviews

Duane B (fr) wrote: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda! This film pretends to be interesting and maintains a little suspense then leaves you disappointed at the end.

Margaret J (br) wrote: Could not match the original.

Alex F (au) wrote: It's like a fun date movie, except replace "fun date" with "horrifying account of how we abuse our soldiers."

Courtney B (gb) wrote: This film is inspiring. Although it is silly and a bit cheesy, it's about redefining what living means, what learning is. And no matter who you are, this movie will make you feel ready to take on life again- even in the face of great adversity.

Drew R (gb) wrote: Woody's worst-reviewed film is less boring and more funny than some of his better reviewed films. The critics got this one wrong. Scarlett is fantastic in one of her earlier leading roles and Woody is his usual self. It's enjoyable for all it's farcical goodness.