Gerimis Mengundang

Gerimis Mengundang

This movie adaptation of the popular theatre musical "Gerimis Mengundang" tells the story of a young man who is a pilot, played by Malaysian newcomer Kamal Adli. A chance meeting with the daughter of the Indonesia embassy officer who is played by Olivia Jensen Lubis, leads to a romance sparking between the two. However, with their different societal standings, will the two star-crossed lovers end up together?

This film begins when a handsome young pilot for Sabah Air, Kota Kinabalu, Zamani meets a beautiful and sweet young lady, Mikha, who happens to be the daughter of the representative of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Private U (mx) wrote: Great Movie..ok so it's a little cheesy but none the less inspirational..definate chick flick...another classic on my top ten fav's...

Smashproplaya (nl) wrote: Might be good, but not funny

Andrew M (ca) wrote: Creative in concept, but it repeats the same gag over and over again.

Paul A (ru) wrote: Creative storyline, and I thought the ending was great. Very creepy movie and better than I thought it would be, the acting wasn't too bad either, underrated horror flick worth watching.

Joel B (es) wrote: Rites of Spring is a movie that suffers from trying to do too much. It has a horror storyline going on that is interesting but it never expands on its mythology. So, we end up knowing there is a ritual that must take place every spring and that it helps a creepy farmer out with his crops. We get no backstory on the killer nor the female protagonist that he is chasing. Then we have a kidnapping story that just sucks. The movie is a fun short watch that I'm glad I got for cheap at a closing blockbuster.

Anaideia E (ru) wrote: I like the book but the movie is really cool !

minence G (es) wrote: A dna, a kriptodepresije.

Darine S (de) wrote: Bardem was LEGENDARY .... & the ending was just perfect <3

Molly R (gb) wrote: I like most of this movie, but the ending is not great.

Maxx D (au) wrote: Twisty thriller with some fun jump scares all wrapped up with premium NZ humour. Braindead meets Disturbia, great fun!

Byron B (au) wrote: won best Foreign film from BAFTA and was nominated for best foreign film by NBR and at golden globes

Dr A (jp) wrote: Oh, man! Who was spying on my family? It resembles a lot of shit I grew up and still have to live with... beautifuly done. Don't expect SFX but instead great screewriting

Allan C (fr) wrote: From the director of "Highlander" and just about every early 80s music video you can remember ("Rio", "True", "Video Killed the Radio Star", "I'm Still Standing", etc...) comes a fine example of the nature-gone-wild genre. This time it's a giant killer pig. The story is basically "Jaws" set in the Australian outback, with a little "A Cry in the Dark" thrown in for good measure. So if you ever have a jones to watch a movie about a killer pig, this is the one to watch (or at least until Clive Barker's "Pig Blood Blues" comes out).

Leonard E (it) wrote: 'The Time Machine' is one of my favorite movies, so I've been avoiding this one because of it's completely preposterous premise. However, sometimes that's what it takes to make a unique movie. The special effects leave a lot to be desired, and like all pre-Back to the Future time travel films, there are a lot of logic holes and paradoxes. But I liked it. The best part was Wells' character, starting out as an optimist, and the realization that regardless of technology, the human propensity for violence persists. Grade B.

Bob L (it) wrote: Mike Nichols follow-up to The Graduate, classic early Nicholson, Garfunkel's best stuff as an actor. Seems to have lost something in contemporary oversexed culture, but still holds up pretty well as an offbeat look into (un)romantic relationships. Is that Murphy Brown? Bullshit, Artist!

Shireen H (ru) wrote: Definitely an important message for our health and environment. And wallets.

Andrew O (de) wrote: Not that much of a plot, but is fun to watch.

Tim R (ca) wrote: I liked this better than the Michael Fassbender version. I felt this one told a more complete story. Not sure why this got killed in the reviews.