In 1883, the Apache Indians lead by Geronimo reluctantly surrender to the attacks of American and Mexican troops, in exchange for a territory and food for their warriors. Soon though, Geronimo escapes the camps and declares war against the Americans.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cannon,   escape,   widow,  

An Apache warrior who defies U.S. attempts to bring the Indians under control grapples with an array of U.S. soldiers sent to subdue his revolt. Sympathetic scouts seek to bring Geronimo ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (gb) wrote: unknown actors+cheap production values=lame sex comedy also not funny at all

phil b (gb) wrote: A complete original. Whilst seeming to inhabit the 'religious miracle' genre, the film denies any trace of spiritual fervour, treating the extraordinary with almost complete disdain. Viewers may expect some sort of punch line or revelation but they wait in vain. The point, quite simply, is that there isn't one. Life simply is - without Divine purpose or control or visions of Angels. With all the trappings and rituals of the Lourdes pilgrimage, this film has a cold, agnostic heart. Sylvie Testud is wonderfully restrained and deadpan in a film which is, ultimately, unsettling and even bleak. As one wheelchair-bound pilgrim put it, "We are all alone.", in spite of what appears to some, to be a 'message of hope' from on high.

Alex F (br) wrote: A wonderful movie about life and death, and how our decisions through life can make us slaves of it, the characters of Walt and Thao are great as well as their chemistry, the story is heart felt and the performances top notch.

HAiDER S (es) wrote: Don waste ur cash on it...

Drew W (au) wrote: I give this an A/94.

Marcus W (nl) wrote: Top cast, but it's all over the place.

Aaron C (br) wrote: Hell of a movie. I was not expecting this level of creepy from Randy Quaid but, in spite of everything, he's a creepy father in this 80s quirkfest. Michael Laemle's eponymous parents are hiding something from him and it's effecting his little 9 year old psyche. Bryan Madorsky as Michael (in the only movie he's ever been in) does a fine job of articulating the fear of living in a house where you can't trust your mother and father. I'm just surprised at how this oddball 50s period piece was so fun and so unsettling at the same time.

Matthew L (it) wrote: While not a great movie, Disorderlies captures what was fun about hip-hop in the mid-80s. The Fat Boys take a turn as residential orderlies for an old rich white man whose health is failing. Will he be calling people "homies" by the time the credits roll? No doubt.

Joey T (it) wrote: This is also known as Zombie 5 in the EBBE series. It is the worst movie in that series and it's the worst Jess Franco movie I have seen. Where are the zombies EBBE? Why is this so boring? The time I spent watching this was the longest 90 minutes of my life. Stay away!

Brian H (ru) wrote: This Gold Diggers musical is watchable. But there's not much here to get the pulse going until the end when Busby Berkley holds back nothing and gives us some really spectacular and breathtaking musical numbers. Even by today's standards, it's mind blowing how he created some of those great cinematic shots around a full stage of dancers. So the last twenty minutes are worthwhile for that, but the rest of the film is just blah. The conflict resolves quickly so that all we're left with is this big talent show that everybody seems to be able to participate in. Dick Powell and Gloria Stuart are likable enough as the romantic couple who are brought together a little too easily. Hugh Herbert is funny as the snuff addicted fool (a little reminiscent of the 3 Stooges). But the film is not terribly funny or romantic or interesting. There are hints of all that, but nothing begins to match that final dance excitement.

Stephen L (ag) wrote: Interesting concept but can't overcome the terrible ending.

Henrysmovieguide C (nl) wrote: The most underrated Indiana Jones movie. While it may not be the best one, it is the coolest. Good action.

Torion O (us) wrote: Oh, I can feel how the actors feel about how this is the end to their precious masterpiece of a TV series. Sad, but at least the movie is great.

Gareth P (de) wrote: Not up to the usual animation standard we are used to :(

Karsh D (gb) wrote: at times very funny film from the award winning TV show. a trip to Cornwall doesn't go to plan for Mr vickers and his class.